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Review of 5K Foam Fest by kimpy26

Posted by: on June, 19 2012

I felt like I paid money to hike. For 1.5 miles it was mostly hiking up a mountain… boring! Where are the obstacles. The first obstacle was a random bouncy house in the middle of nowhere, then a mud pit with electricity…oh that wasn’t working. Neither was the next obstacle. Which was a slippery tarp with rope… what is it? Oh it’s supposed to be slippery and you climb up it on the incline of the mountain. Detergent soap lay abandoned on the side, probably ran out. So early, about 10 am. They actually just let us run, they didn’t care if it was with our time. The race isn’t timed. The Slip and slide broke down. So there was a long line. But the foam car wash was a lot of fun. Not really an obstacle. The cargo net was a go up and oh go back down where you came from, not over the top and onto the other side. Why? Cause it wasn’t safe. I’m assuming something happened earlier that morning. There was a 15 minute walk to the actual event, so parking is very far. The slip and slide was filled up with hoses and the occasional bucket of soap, which we had to coerce the guy to throw more. We were watched by a ton of trailer park people who were camping out. Some of the foam slides were awesome. The tubes in the lake were cool but they broke apart by the time we passed. It also had a long long line. The 10 foot wall was ridiculous. It was right after a soapy event. I am sure people fell.
The packet pick up was too long, unorganized and there were no showers or changing rooms. The port a pottys had a very long line too and ran out of water and TP. The swag was non existent. A bag with 2 papers with discounts to 2 nearby gym classes or something. The blue shirt give away stains in the washing machine. Lots of free fruits and drink at the end. Also, the bib said we get a free medal but nope, when you try to claim it, they say for kids only. That wasn’t on my bib! You have to buy it. So, all in all, foam was fun but it wasn’t a good run.