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Review of 13.1 Half Marathon Los Angeles by gatorsgochomp8

Posted by: on January, 13 2013

So, pre-race was pretty unfortunate. The packet pick-up at Road Runner was difficult to due traffic on a weekend and lack of parking. The gear drop off at the actual race was easy, but the actual start of the race was lacking. There were no rolling starts, just a “ready, set, go” so for the 1st .10 everyone was walking/shuffling along the narrow boardwalk. Everything was fine as far as the course went until about mile 8 when the sewage smell crept in. This lasted until about mile 10.5-11. The last two miles or so were great, one big downhill to the finish. Mile 9 hill was a bitch!!! Overall, the course views (minus the sewage plant) were amazing and delivered on what other races (like OC half) promises–beautiful ocean views.
Post race was ok, the food ran out and was far from the end of the race but it was nice to have a band at the end entertaining. Would I do it again? No, probably not. But, the spinner medal is pretty damn cool.