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Review of 13.1 Half Marathon Los Angeles by Cassie Britton

Posted by: on January, 14 2013

My review is ONLY for the 5K portion, I havent ran the half yet, maybe next year! But for the 5K we start about a mile and a half out from the finish line, I also get dropped off at the start so I cant comment on the parking, but it seemed to go smoothly from the cars I saw driving by. This year was nice, they were able to get the bathrooms opened early so we had bathrooms that flushed and running water! Other then that, I really feel like the 5K is just an after thought. Granted its a small field for the 5K we start with very little fan fare, we ran up towards the lovely treatment plant, for the turn around, then back down towards the finish line. We get to the finish line and its not that crowded, but the announcer had some excitement and announced the finishers names which is always nice. The post race was up the street a bit in a park, not much there. But they had bananas, pretzels, oranges and water. Food Trucks were there but was I wasnt interested. The only bad thing for the 5K people is if you park in the 5K lot, you have to walk back the mile + to your car, and uh, you are stuck in the parking lot until like 11:30 until the roads re-open. For the half marathon they shuttle you back to your car.
Over all, its a decent 5K, little fan fare, the shirts are just plain cotton t-shirts and that’s all you get. So if you run 5Ks for bling avoid this race.