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USAOCR National Championships

December 01, 2018 · Chula Vista, CA

Distance: Multiple Distances, Obstacle Course Racing

Race on December 1st & 2nd to become a member of Team USA. Alternatively, compete to win as an Age Group National Champion or participate in the open division and challenge yourself on the same course the Team USA hopefuls at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. The event is open to all athletes.

International/Sprint Distance – 5K or 3-4 miles. 12+ obstacles
Time to prove your speed and strength. Sign up to show what you’re made of as you work your way through up to 4 miles of cross-country running primarily on the campus of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, taking on obstacles along the way. This isn’t your regular 5K. Grit required.

Standard Distance – 10K or 6-9 miles. 18+ obstacles
Put your strength to the ultimate test as you step up to the challenge of up to 9 miles of cross-country fire roads and hilly terrain while tackling obstacles. A true test of endurance and strength.

OCR Track – 1200m lapped race with 10+ obstacles
Test your skills in an extreme, expedited race environment. Run up to one mile and overcome obstacles and the competition on this lapped OCR “cross” style course (envision skier cross). This is the true test of speed, agility, and nerve.

Para-OCR Championships – each Championship Event will include a Para-OCR division
USAOCR National Championships is pleased to invite Para-Athletes to compete in each race distance. The day of obstacle course racing for para-athletes is here. Choose your challenge.

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