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Tribal Run – Los Angeles

April 19, 2013 · Los Angeles, CA

Distance: All Night Running Event

The Tribal Run starts at sunset and continues all night until the sun rises. Your goal is to run as far as you can throughout the night while having a blast with your Tribe (the people you love). Compete with yourself and other Tribes –  run solo (Lone Wolf), with your team (Wolf Pack) or in the Tribal Relay!

The Tribal Run consists of 3 or 4 different courses (at least two 5k loops, a 10K, etc.) that all start AND finish in the Tribal Circle or “Base Camp”. In the center of “Base Camp” is a huge Tribal Fire. Surrounding the Tribal circle are four camps (Camp Denali, Serenghetti, Amazon, and Congo) where you and YOUR tribe can set up camp. Your camp set up may range from a few lawn chairs to tents to a big screen TV – it is up to you. Have a blast all night meeting runners in other camps and around the Tribal Fire.

Before sunset we have a Tribal Ceremony complete with Fige Jugglers, Haka Warriors, African Drummers and more, all to get you prepped for the funnest night of running imaginable. Stay up and rock out for Midnight Mayhem, or catch some shut-eye in your camp before you go at it again to see just how far you can run in one night.

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