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Tinsel Triathlon (Reverse)

December 09, 2018 · Hemet, CA

Distance: 12 mile bike, 150 Meter Swim, 5K run

We are an excellent starting point for one who wants to become a triathlete. Having a pool instead of the ocean makes it more enticing.

We are indeed the largest reverse sprint in the nation …making us a Fabulous & Fun end of a serious triathlon season event!

The run takes place in a scenic, calm area of west Hemet. The tranquil streets of a Sunday Triathlon can typically be found on a sunny, yet crisp, Southern California day.

Known as the “flat & fast” course, the 12 mile bike ride has the triathlete pedaling down the Domenigioni Highway. This highway showcases the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains from the eastside.

In this 50 meter heated pool at West Valley HIgh, participants will swim 150 meters (up & back 3 times).
The pool is 12ft at the deep end and 3.5 at the shallow.

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