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Moustache Dash

August 24, 2013 · Temecula, CA

Distance: 5K

The Moustache Dash is an urban obstacle dash for both men and women, real and fake moustaches. The rules are simple: (1) you must wear a moustache and (2) you must conquer the obstacles to get to the finish line.This dash is 5 kilometers with 10+ obstacles that include (but not limited to)  hopping over barracades standing in your way, trying out your balancing act as you take on our beams, taking on tires, climbing and conquering ladders, and anything else that gets in your way as you head to the finish line. After all of your hard work, join your fellow facial-haired comrades to celebrate the hard-earned finish with music, refreshments, and best of all, fun! You can do this 5k as an individual or as a team with your friends and family.

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