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Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

April 28, 2018 · , Santa Clarita

Distance: 4 miles

Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is a 4+ mile outdoor competitive survival experience, inspired by the wild encounters and well-honed skills of the ultimate survival authority – Bear Grylls.

  • Bear Grylls-Designed Course
  • Mental + Physical Challenges, Plus Tests of Instinct & Resourcefulness
  • Bear Grylls Survival Score Measures Your Survival Aptitude
  • Special Appearance by Bear Grylls

Grab your Survival Pack at Base Camp check-in and stay alert! Move through a series of 5 distinctive Environments and 18 demanding Challenges, set in fully immersive terrain to test your mental and physical stamina. Utilizing the items in your Survival Pack, you will be scored based on how quickly and successfully you complete each Challenge. A top Bear Grylls Survival Score hangs in a balance! Remember: those who dare, win.

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