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After Dark Dash

April 06, 2013 · San Diego, CA

Distance: 5K

The After Dark Dash is a race series that combines the backdrop of some of America’s greatest cities with the unique experience of running at night. No fads. No gimmicks. Just you, the pavement, and the city lights.

Your senses are heightened at night, making it seem like you’re running faster than usual, and providing a totally different running experience. So get out of the sun, break out of your routine, and run at night!

You gotta love the sights and sounds of city nights. Our courses zig zag through historic districts, past baseball stadiums, and along waterfronts of the coolest cities in the US.

Nothing beats good food, drink, and entertainment after a race. We go local with the post-race fun by partnering with local fooderies, bands, and vendors to help you truly experience your city.

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