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Posted by: on January, 27 2014




RaceShed is an affiliate of RaceGrader.com and provides you an exciting new way to increase registration numbers for your event.  This discount-themed website offers exclusive deals to the Southern California race community.  And at the same time will help race directors reach their events full potential.


All types of businesses use “special deals” to help maximize revenue.  They understand that not selling out is equivalent to leaving money on the table.  That’s why sites like Groupon and Living Social have had such great success.  And now consumers are actively looking for discount themed sites to help determine where they should spend their money.

RaceShed was designed with the specific needs of the race director in mind:

  • Set your own limits (number of discounted registrations, expiration date, etc…)
  • Specific race deals (create a deal just for a certain race distance)
  • Targeted marketing to the Southern California race community

Use RaceShed to sell early registrations, raise working capital, offer special sales, increase registrations in a certain race distance, or last minute deals to help sell out your event.


We have many ways for you to get your deal published on RaceShed.com.  You can simply list the deal or have the option included in one of our many promotion packages.  Visit our PROMOTION/PRICING PAGE for details.

For more information or questions, please email us at RaceGrader@Gmail.com.  We look forward to helping you sell out your event.