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Race Guards

Posted by: on February, 5 2015

Have you seen the Race Guards out at your recent event?

Race Guards was established in March 2012 in San Diego, California to provide in-race first aid for athletic events throughout the country with a focus on running and cycling races, triathlons and endurance events.  Race Guards is comprised of volunteers trained in CPR, AED and First Aid who are committed to assisting race participants with any medical or physical support need in a race.  Race Guards work in concert with the medical director and medical support team at the events to provide medical support from start to finish.


Race Guards provide support at running and cycling events, triathlons and endurance races of any size and distance. Race Directors can count on Race Guards to help ensure their participants have a safe and rewarding experience from start to finish.  Race Guards are easily identified on the course with their bright Race Guards jerseys! Stocked with first aid supplies, a direct line to the medical response team and a whole lot of support and motivation, Race Guards can make a difference when it matters.


Race Guards recruits and certifies athletes who are committed to “giving back” and are inspired by both the volunteer opportunity and the athletic opportunity provided by the Race Guards experience. If you are an athlete or medical professional looking for a rewardingvolunteer opportunity, now is the time to join Race Guards!

Visit the Race Guard website.