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Pasadena Marathon Cancelled

Posted by: on September, 13 2013

Here is a message from the Pasadena Marathon regarding the cancellation of the event in 2014.

“The reasons are many, but finally, the City of Pasadena staff did not approve our request for a permit to put one on. So, with this post we bid all of you farewell and good running. We know some of you will be happy to hear this bit of news and others will be upset. Know that our committee of volunteers was proud and happy to work tirelessly to put on the very best event they could with the resources we had. Unfortunately, the event we hoped would grow and become, “another jewel in the crown of the city”, will be no more. We sincerely wish you the best, and thank you for your support and participation. We will continue to deliver t-shirts and medals to those still in waiting, and we will still monitor this page and our emails for the foreseeable future. Lastly, thank you to all of our previous sponsors, staff, volunteers, collaborating organizations, and all of those who helped to make the event happen year after year against what seemed a never ending stream of obstacles. It’s truly remarkable to see what can take place when people give selflessly and devotedly. Thank you.”