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One Hour Workout: Mobility And Core Strength Gym Session

Posted by: on May, 16 2017

Found on Triathlete.com

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 min (or less!).core strength 2

This week’s workout comes from Marilyn Chychota, a former elite cyclist and triathlete and now coach for Endurance Corner. She says the goal of this gym session is basic mobility, core and preparation strength for upcoming training phases. “For the athlete to be ready for the next block, the two most important stages of development are mobility and core strength. Paying special attention to range of motion, technique and form development through this phase is key.”


5-10 min light cardio


All movements should be held for as long as needed to feel some improved range of motion—Chychota recommends 1–2 min minimum.

  • Wall Sit Stretch (video)
  • Wall quad stretch (video)
  • Lying rotator cuff stretch (video)
  • Spider lunge (video)
  • Samson stretch (video)
  • Inch worm (video)
  • Heel cord stretch (video)
  • Wall tap calf stretch (video)
  • Planter fascia intrinsic foot muscle mobility (video)
  • Wall sit reach (video)


  • 3×8 squats holding a plate or object out in front of you for technique (work up to 3×12 and then 3×15).
  • 2×1 min plank
  • 2×15 V-ups (video)
  • 2×25 push-ups (video)
  • 2×15 back extensions, or Supermans (video)
  • 2×15 walking lunges holding dumbbells directly overhead (video)
  • 2×8 each leg of single-leg straight legged toe touches (video)
  • 2×10 box step-ups holding weight (video)
  • 2×15 Bird Dogs (video)
  • 4×1 min monster walks with a band (video)
  • 3×15 hamstring bridges (video)
  • 2×12 single-leg calf raises slow and controlled on the down