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New Training Tool For Triathletes

Posted by: on August, 13 2013

Best-selling triathlon wetsuit brand XTERRA WETSUITS announces LAVA Pants – the latest in swim training innovation. Intended for pool and open water training and racing, LAVA Pants are designed to replace the pull buoy, simulating the lower body buoyancy of a wetsuit with the added benefit of natural range of motion. By offering a wetsuit-like swim, training with LAVA Pants keeps swimmers in race shape year round.lava pants

Until today, a void has existed in swim training for athletes who often race in a wetsuit. Many triathletes and open water swimmers struggle to develop proper swimming form and most do not train regularly in a wetsuit. As a result, many athletes employ training tools like the pull buoy to work on form, body positioning and strength. But it is common for swimmers to become dependent on buoy training, resulting in a regression to poor form when swimming without the buoy. LAVA Pants eliminate this concern by combining the buoyancy of the pull buoy with a natural range of motion. This allows swimmers to train with their hips higher in the water and focus on developing strength, catch phase and stroke rate as part of a natural, full-body swimming motion.

With LAVA Pants, no workout is out of the question. A lower-rise waistband and 3⁄4-length legs make it easy to put on or take off LAVA Pants even in the water, making the transition between sets a matter of seconds. LAVA Pants are equally well-suited for intervals or sprint training in the pool as for open water distance swims. Accordingly, LAVA Pants can serve as a training suit for a competing athlete or a swim suit for the fitness swimmer. No special care is required for pool use other than to rinse with clean water after each swim.

Made with 5mm-thick neoprene front and back panels, LAVA Pants offer the maximum legal buoyancy of a wetsuit. Simulating a wetsuit swim at every training session improves stroke technique and pacing while building muscle memory – this is the essence of the axiom “train like you race.” LAVA Pants are 3/4-length with seam tape at the leg openings that allows for trimming up to 2” (5-6 cm) to adjust for best fit. The Comfort Fit waistband is low cut in the front – for easy breathing and the mobility to do flip turns – with a higher rise in back to keep the suit in place.

LAVA Pants are accented with bright green highlights to signify that they are made of environmentally-friendly limestone- based neoprene, meaning athletes training in LAVA Pants will be as eye-catching as the world-class triathletes that wear our suits in competition. LAVA Pants are USAT- and WTC-legal for wetsuit swims (temperature permitting), a great alternative for adding buoyancy without adding bulk.


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