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New Spin Concept With Full Psycle

Posted by: on March, 18 2014

Three cycling instructors. Three distinct backgrounds. One, an MIT engineer with a competitive sports background. The second, a UCSD grad and former Charger Girl with a lifelong experience in competitive dance. The third, an ultramarathoner and yoga and pilates instructor.

One passion. Create the ultimate indoor cycling workout. An indoor cycling workout that would BURN maximum calories… that would simultaneously STRENGTHEN the core and upper body… That would incorporate performance measurement and COMPETITION.

The product, Full Psycle.

Full Psycle is Orange County’s first and only full-body cycling studio. Our proprietary workout concept incorporates standard indoor cycling routines with upper body strength training via hand weights and pilates-based core exercises, allowing you to burn MASSIVE calories while simultaneously TONING your abs, arms, back and shoulders. Our method is the most EFFICIENT, most EFFECTIVE, most INTENSE and most EXCITING full-body workout in the world of fitness today.

Like most of you, we believe competition fuels performance. So we’ve partnered with PerformanceIQ to bring you a personal achievement system that displays your real-time performance statistics (Power, RPMs and Energy) on two large HDTV displays, allowing you to compete against your neighbors, your instructor and, most importantly, yourself. (This system is optional.) At the end of each workout your results are both emailed to you and saved in your online account for easy access anytime.

Our stadium-style studio, the ASYLUM, is the first studio in the world to have Spinner ® Blade Ion bikes, nightclub quality sound and lighting, complimentary towels and THE premier cycling instructors in Southern California.