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New Caffeine Gum

Posted by: on October, 14 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Brian Metzler

The American track star launches a new performance-oriented gum.

Sit down with American middle-distance runner Nick Symmonds and you’ll find out he’s full of good ideas. His latest? Run Gum, a caffeine-enhanced, zero-calorie gum developed for athletes and active people.

The two-time Olympian and five-time U.S. 800m champion launched the new product with his long-time coach Sam Lapray. In addition to 50mg of caffeine per piece—which is similar to the amount found in many energy drinks and a cup of coffee—Run Gum also includes 20mg of taurine and vitamins B6 and B12. Run Gum is available in mint and fruit flavors.

Symmonds says one of his motivations in developing Run Gum was to find a way to ingest caffeine into the body prior to training or competition without drinking additional fluids or eating any type of food. By utilizing chewing gum as the delivery vehicle, he says, the supplements are absorbed through the lining of the cheeks and gums, allowing for faster absorption into the bloodstream, without having to engage the digestive system prior to a workout or a race.

“In my many years of competing and trying to find the best way to fuel my body before a workout or a race, I was never satisfied with traditional ways of introducing caffeine into the body,” says Symmonds, the silver medalist in the 800-meter run at the 2013 IAAF World Championships. “I either had to drink harsh liquids or digest unwanted food, never knowing when the benefits would kick in. I sought to make a product that would respond quickly and allow me to better control the dosage. Utilizing my biochemistry background, I found that sublingual absorption is the most effective.”

Run Gum is available online at GetRunGum.com for $18 for a box of 12 two-piece packets.