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Motivational Message For Beginner Triathletes

Posted by: on May, 30 2013

Tips from Chris “Macca” McCormack


Key Points:
0:23 – Psyching yourself out
0:25 – Allot of people are scared of the water
0:45 – I’ve never met anyone who’s regretted doing their first Triathlon
0:55 – Make it happen
1:18 – We’re all land animals
1:25 – Enjoy the day! Have fun.

I think with triathlon more than any other sport, and a lot of people make the decision to, “I am going to do a triathlon,” and they pick the local sprint triathlon, and the intimidation they have, they tend to talk themselves out of enjoying the day because it can be quite daunting swimming, biking, and running.

A lot of people are scared of the water. Some people haven’t been on a bike since they were teenagers, other people don’t like to run, and when you sort of blend those three together into a sport that we call triathlon people are like, “Oh, I can do those two, but I can’t do that, and I am nervous about this,” and they get all anxious and uptight about the actual race.

There’s not been a single person I’ve met in 25 years of racing triathlon that has not come off their first event and said, “That was the best thing I have ever done.” It’s, I can assure you, get out the door, initiate your training, go to that first race, don’t get anxious, don’t get uptight, take the time to have a look around, enjoy the atmosphere.

This sport is pretty cool, and then enjoy the day, even if you are anxious about the swim, take your time. You know, a lot of people out there are going to be around you, and with you, and anxious as you are.

We are all land animals, and when you got onto land, you’re going to enjoy the day on the bike, take your time to go to the aid stations, and just really focus on the atmosphere for this triathlon as opposed to the outcome of the event or the fear of the event itself. I guarantee you regardless of it being the shortest event in the world or an Ironman, the day will unfold, you are going to have fun, it’s going to present a challenge, it’s going to be everything you were looking for and more, and I promise you you’ll be at another race the next one you can get into. This sport is addictive.