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Mid Foot Strike v.s Heel Strike While Running

Posted by: on May, 10 2012

Here’s a quick video on the benefits of a mid-foot strike while running vs heel-striking. As a Newton Natural Running and ChiRunning® certified coach, I’ve been mid-foot running for the past seven years and it has made a big difference in my running.

When I was first learning this style it made so much sense to me. Today I want to talk reducing friction. Once the foot gets out in front of the body it becomes a major brake. It is difficult to land mid-foot and have the foot way in front of your body. It also increases the pounding your body takes.

I go through this in greater detail in the video and it is something to really consider when training for a marathon or half marathon. I give private and group lessons all the time or join the Sole Runners.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Running Coach