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Marathon Infographic

Posted by: on July, 15 2014

How Long is a Marathon? The Marathon Distance in Perspective

Most people have running a marathon on their bucket list, but before that they may ask, “how long is a marathon?” This is a question that is often asked by non-runners or just curious individuals and if you’re one of the estimated 541,000 marathon finishers in 2013, you should be able to easily answer: 26.2 miles. Upon hearing this, they will then equate that distance in comparison to their morning commute for frame of reference, which is usually a shock in itself. But to put things in a different perspective, we decided to break down the marathon in a few different ways. The infographic below has examples of different food items, their estimated calorie counts, and the amount of time you’d need to run to burn off the calories from pigging out on those foods. We also compared running a marathon with everyday tasks like taking notes in class or sitting at your desk and typing at work (spoiler alert: it’s such a long time, you’d probably get so bored you’d wish you were running a marathon just so you can finish sooner!) And for you travelers and explorers, we did a few comparisons of famous tourist stops to get an idea of the number of steps you’d have to walk to equal the historic marathon distance.

The marathon is definitely not something you just wake up one morning and run. But if you do decide to run your first marathon, you want to make sure you follow the proper training program to ensure you can successfully accomplish your goal. You should also consider the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series, which provides a great first-time runner experience with live bands along the course and spectator and medical support throughout. Check the marathon off your bucket list while experiencing the elusive runner’s high that your runner friends keep talking about!

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How Long is a Marathon?