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Lose Weight Through Fitness

Posted by: on March, 17 2013
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Nov 23, 2011 | By Heather Topham Wood

Although dieting is definitely a major part of losing weight, you can also lose weight through improving your fitness regimen. To lose weight through exercise, you must perform workouts that burn more calories than you are consuming. With exercise, you will not only lose weight but also tone areas of your body. You may want to speak to your doctor before starting a new workout routine.

Step 1

Exercise on a daily basis if you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t have the time to work out every day, at least exercise four to five times per week. According to a study done by the American College of Sports Medicine, adults need 250 minutes per week to lose a significant amount of weight.run_1

Step 2

Include cardio exercise in your workout. Cardio activities can include running, jogging, brisk walking, cycling and swimming. You will want to do an hour of cardio at least 3 to 4 days per week. To drop the pounds, increase the intensity through interval training. Interval training involves a warm-up period, then a period of alternating intervals of high-intensity and regular-intensity exercise. Finish with a cool-down session.

Step 3

Spend 3 days out of the week weight training. Do not consecutively work the same muscle group. For instance, lift weights that work the upper body one day and then rest these muscles the next day. You can then instead focus on working the lower body. Resistance training can help you lose weight through fitness.

Step 4

Take up a sport for a fun fitness activity that can help you lose weight. Sign up for a community league, or buddy up with some friends to play. Some sports that are great calorie burners are tennis, racquetball, soccer, basketball and track.

Step 5

Work fitness into your daily routine. You don’t have to rely on traditional workout sessions to lose weight with exercise. Some examples of activities you can do include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in a far spot in the parking lot and biking to work or school.