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Local Man Dies At Redondo Beach Triathlon

Posted by: on June, 10 2013

Seen on EasyReaderNews and written by Rachel Reeves

Local man dies during Redondo Beach Triathlon

A South Bay resident died Sunday after completing the swim portion of the Redondo Beach Triathlon.

On-duty lifeguards administered CPR to the man, then called in paramedics, who transported him from the beach near the Redondo Pier to Little Company of Mary Hospital.

He died there later in the afternoon.

Police have not yet released the man’s name, and it is still unclear whether next-of-kin have been tracked down and notified of the fatality.

Division Chief Steve Hyink of the Redondo Beach Fire Department, who received the distress call from on-duty lifeguards, said medical attention was administered to the man “immediately upon his exiting the water.”

“As soon as the lifeguard saw he was in distress, they helped him to the ground and immediately initiated CPR,” Hyink said. “He was walking when he came out of the water and the lifeguards saw he didn’t look like he was doing well and escorted him up [the beach], and down he went.”

“The lifeguards did an outstanding job,” triathlon race director Rick Crump said. “They were there in seconds doing what they do best. I was impressed with the response time of the Redondo Beach Fire Department and McCormick (Ambulance Service). The gentleman was in the best hands he could be in.”

USA Triathlon, the official national body governing triathlon events, commissioned a study last October into deaths that occurred during triathlons; the resulting report reveals that between 2003 and 2011, there were 45 fatalities. This statistic puts just one in every 76,000 participants at risk.

“Among the 43 race-related athlete deaths, five were traumatic, caused by injuries sustained in cycling crashes; the remaining 38 deaths were non-traumatic. Of the 38 non-traumatic fatalities, 30 occurred during the swim, three occurred during the bike, three occurred during the run, and two occurred after an athlete had completed a race,” reads the report.

Crump has said Sunday’s fatality was not race-related. This weekend marked the ninth year of the Redondo Beach Triathlon, as 600 triathletes competed in the USA Triathlon sanctioned event that includes a half-mile swim, six-mile bike ride, and two-mile run.