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Lance Armstrong Tries Beer Mile

Posted by: on November, 19 2014

Published on Competitor.com

The former professional cyclist gives up after his first lap of four around the track.

Lance Armstrong attempted to qualify for the inaugural Beer Mile World Championships 10 days ago in Austin, Texas.

It ended up being a quarter mile run instead.

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Armstrong joined a group of five other runners hoping to earn a spot in the field for the Dec. 3 event that will be held at Yellow Jacket Stadium in Austin. They all drank their first beer and then took off running for the first of four laps around the track.

Armstrong limped into the start/finish area after completing his first lap, stopped, grabbed another beer and uttered these words on a FloTrack video: “I’m DNF.”

And with that, Armstrong’s career as a beer miler was finished, as he confirmed later he wouldn’t give it another shot. Ever.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. Good showing,” said Jack Murray of Jack & Adam’s Bicycles. “It’s a new event, the beer quarter for the old guys.”

“That was not what I expected,” said Armstrong, a former professional cyclist who won seven consecutive Tours de France from 1999-2005. In 2012, he was stripped of his titles for doping and for taking performance-enhancing drugs during his career.

Armstrong did hang around and watch the other guys in his group finish. He later talked about his failed attempt at finishing the quirky event that involves running a mile on a track while drinking a beer before each lap.

“You’ve never done it,” the interviewer said.

“No, and I never will again,” Armstrong replied. “Ever. One and done.

“I don’t know man. That was way different than I thought.”

As for whether or not he’ll make an appearance at the Beer Mile World Championships, Armstrong wouldn’t rule it out.

“You might see me. Spectating,” he said, drawing laughter from the group.