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Killer Brick Workout

Posted by: on September, 10 2013

Looking for a way to get your legs ready for the run after jumping off the bike?   Try this brick workout.  It’s good for any distance triathlon.  If you want to truly make it a “killer” throw in a 30 minute swim after you’re done.

Killer Brick Workout
Warm UP: 10-15 minute spin at a comfortable pace with a few harder
efforts mixed in to get the body ready.  Then complete an 8 minute run
to prepare your running legs.
Main Set: 10 minutes on your trainer at half ironman race pace with 20
- 30 second sprints mixed in every 2 minutes.  Get off the bike after 10
minutes and run 1 mile at your goal half ironman race pace.  

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 times. 

Cool Down: Easy spin