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Jungfrau Marathon

Posted by: on November, 4 2013

Though not quite as frightening as it sounds (you don’t actually have to run up the 4,158m Jungfrau itself), this is no race for the gentle jogger. A flat first half, up the waterfall-tinkled Lauterbrunnen Valley from Interlaken, rears abruptly at the 25km mark: a series of sharp zigzags rises 500 vertical meters in five crippling kilometers. And there’s more—the final 12km keep on climbing, though as the air thins the Bernese Oberland’s flagship peaks loom ever closer and more dramatic. Just don’t dwell on the fact that there’s a perfectly engineered Swiss railway that runs right to the 2000m-high finish…switzerland


The race (www.jungfrau-marathon.ch) is held in September; to officially finish, runners must complete the course before the 6.5-hour cut-off time.