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Important News Long Beach Marathon

Posted by: on October, 10 2014

LONG BEACH FULL/HALF MARATHON Race Alert – 405 Freeway Closure on Sunday morning 10/12/14
Caltrans has announced a major Freeway Closure that will impact all participants coming from the San Diego and Orange County areas using the 405 Freeway or the 22 Freeway as well as anyone coming to Long Beach from the North using the 605 Freeway.

The 405/605/22 Freeway interchange will be closed overnight on Saturday night and not reopen until 7 am on Sunday. This means you will not be able to get to downtown Long Beach from South using the 405 or 22 Freeways or from the North using the 605 Freeway. Click here for up to date CalTrans report.

Race course road closures starting at 5:00am will also prevent access to downtown Long Beach using streets West of the 405 Freeway and South of the 405/605/22 interchange like Pacific Coast Highway.

Please plan an alternate route such as taking the 5 Freeway North to the 91 Freeway West to the 710 Freeway South.
The majority of people using Google Maps will take the 710 Freeway all the way to downtown Long Beach and exit at Broadway Ave. This route becomes extremely crowded and will back up a few miles and may cause you to be late to the event.
Consider to take the 710 Freeway to the 405 Freeway South and exit on to Atlantic Ave or Long Beach Blvd West and take those streets to downtown Long Beach. You can access the Convention Center Parking lot via Linden Ave and Seaside Way. Those coming from the LA area should consider to do the same.

Please plan your route in advance with this Freeway Closure in mind.
Also plan on extra time to make it to the race in plenty of time. We suggest to arrive at least an hour prior to your Start.

Race Start

  • Marathon start – 6:00am
  • Bike Run Combo/Bike Tour Start – 6:00am
  • Half Marathon Start – 7:30am
  • 5K Start – 8:30 am

This is a copy/pasted email message directly from Long Beach International City Bank Marathon. For additional info click here: