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Posted by: on February, 17 2012

Best New Running Music

Enough with “Eye of the Tiger”–here’s some good running music that just came out this year.

Even the most motivating songs lose their punch once you’ve heard them a thousand times. (Especially after they’ve been reworked into a jingle for a ubiquitous coffee-shop chain. Survivor, we’re looking at you.)

By Meghan G. Loftus. Published 02/08/2012

“good running music” just means an upbeat playlist of stuff you’ve never heard before.

We’ve put together a playlist of great music to run to that’s just been released. (Okay, some of it is from last year, but 2012 is still young.)

Click here to launch our 2012 Running Music Spotify playlist. Here’s a sampling of what’s on it:

– “Comeback Kid,” Sleigh Bells

– “These Days,” Dr. Dog

– “Big Mouth,” Santigold

– “Lonely Boy,” The Black Keys

– “Hit the Ground (Superman),” The Big Pink

We’ll be adding to this as the year goes on, so subscribe to always have the most recent list.

For more top songs to run to, check out all our playlists on our Spotify page.