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Get the most out of your pool time

Posted by: on January, 18 2012

Here’s a few quick tips to help get the most from your pool time this winter.

Bring a workout:

Having a workout printed out on a piece of paper (in a baggie to keep it dry) helps insure you’ll get the planned workout done.  Simply going to the pool with the  intention of swimming doesn’t cut it.  Write it down and get it done!  That said, your swim workout doesn’t need to be so complicated that you waste time standing at the end of the pool trying to figure it all out.

Swim long and swim lots:

4000-6000 yards? Yep, you are, after all, training for an Ironman…or maybe not. :)  Understandably not everyone is going to have the time to swim that much, 5 or 6 times per week.  But do your best to get a length of swim that is longer than your planned distance at least once per week.

Use the clock:

Learn to use the clock to keep track of your distance.  If you know your average pace per 100 yards, then you can forget counting the number of times you hit the wall.  Just know how long it takes you to do a 200, 300, 400 and longer,  and then all you need to do is glance at the clock every couple laps.  Plus – looking at the clock will keep you honest and keep you working hard.

Count by 1oo’s

Count your swim distance in terms of 100′s.  Not by laps.  We often hear new swimmers asking us how many laps we do.  Nobody in the swim world thinks in terms of number of laps, it’s all yardage or meter distances.  For the record, though, our definition of a lap is “There and back”….50 yards in a short course yard pool, or 1oo meters in a long course pool.

Swimming seems like a small portion of triathlon, both in distance and relative time of any given race.  We can assure you though, being fit and ready to make the swim feel easy will allow you to fully tap into your bike and run potential.