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Get Over The Post Race Blues

Posted by: on June, 11 2012

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A first-time marathon finisher recently confessed to me that rather than wanting to celebrate her accomplishment, she felt sad and disappointed after her race. It sounds crazy, but her experience is actually pretty common. After months of training and focusing on a goal, runners find that everything abruptly comes to an end once they cross the finish line, leaving many of them feeling disconnected and even discouraged.

Here are a few ways to cure—or at least ease the pain of—the postrace blues.

Be prepared. Even if you don’t expect to get bummed out once your race is over, it’s good to be ready just in case. Make plans for the weeks following your race so that you’ll be distracted from any negative feelings. Some runners like to plan a big trip after their marathon, figuring that with the race behind them, they’ll be able to relax and recover without having to worry about training.

Set new goals. Some people start feeling disappointed because they no longer have a major goal. Setting a new goal is especially helpful if your race didn’t go the way you had hoped it would. But your goal doesn’t have to be another long race. You may want to focus on running faster over a shorter distance. Or you may wish to try something completely new, like a triathlon.

Get back to your pretraining life. To make time for training, you most likely had to neglect some friends and family members. So treat the postrace period as an opportunity to reconnect with the nonrunning people in your life and to get back to activities you’ve missed. Doing other things will remind you that there’s more to life than running.

Did you ever experience the postrace blues? How did you get over them?


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