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Fueling Rules

Posted by: on June, 6 2013

Found on RunnersWorld

Running requires a mindful approach to food, since everything we drink 
and eat has a direct impact on our performance and even our enjoy- 
ment of the sport: It’s hard to love being a runner when you’re bonking. 
So we compiled the best advice on how to fuel your runs—including 
the finest energy sources, smartest hydration strategies, ideal timing 
Follow these winning strategies to help you eat and 
drink your way to a peak performance

Convenience foods have their place: Energy
chews during a run or a bottled smoothie
afterward provide fast, nutritious fuel. But the
bulk of a runner’s diet should consist of whole
foods. Fish, chicken, vegetables, whole grains,
nuts, low-fat dairy, fruit—these healthy staples
provide more nutritional value than highly
processed options. Plus, preparing meals from
real-food sources gives you more control over
your sodium, fat, and calorie intake.

2 CHOOSE QUALITY CARBS Because they fuel workouts and nourish spent muscles, carbs should be the backbone of a runner’s diet. But some carbs deliver greater value than others. Make most of your carbs whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. And remember: The less processing a plant receives, the more nutritious it is (think potatoes, not potato chips).

3 WRITE IT DOWN Write down everything you eat and drink for
several days to evaluate your eating habits. Are
you snacking more than you realize? Reaching for
sweets too often? Keep a ledger to identify areas
where there’s room for improvement.

Allow yourself the occasional dessert or
cocktail to satisfy cravings and keep those urges
from becoming binges. Just keep an eye on
portions and frequency.

Fluids are an essential part of any runner’s
fueling plan: By staying hydrated, you’ll boost
performance and minimize nuisances like GI
distress. But watch the calories: Drinks that are
high in sugar can contribute to weight gain. Limit
fruit juice, pass on soft drinks, and switch your
morning mocha to a cup of tea or coffee.