Wings For Life World Run

Santa Clarita
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Sunday, May 07, 2017
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The Wings for Life World Run was launched in 2014 to benefit the not-for-profit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The Wings for Life World Run has pioneered the concept of a synchronized race where participants of all levels, all across the globe, run simultaneously, no matter the hour or the weather in their location. The event has also introduced the Catcher Car format, in which the finish line – a vehicle that gives the runners a head start – chases the field at a predetermined pace. Only at the point of being overtaken is a runner’s race over, and the individual man and woman last to be caught are declared Global Champions


Participants will begin running at 4:00 a.m. and the Catcher Car will take off 30 minutes later, initially going just under 10 MPH. Gradually, the catcher car will increase speeds throughout the race and pursue runners from behind. Once the catcher car passes an individual, that marks their personal finish line.

As the Catcher Car passes runners, it is important they keep to the RIGHT side of the vehicle and proceed to the nearest shuttle for transportation back to the start area.

Shuttles will be available at specifically marked locations on the course immediately after the Catcher Car passes runners and will transport participants back to the start area, where they will collect their finisher’s medal and celebrate with friends and family.

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