O.C Fair 5K

O.C Fairgrounds
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Sunday, August 11, 2024
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Run through the OC Fair before it opens to the public! Stop along the way to play games and win prizes!

This is the MOST fun you can have before the Fair opens! You only have ONE chance to RUN, WALK or SKIP through the OC Fair! Our Annual OC Fair Fun Run 5K takes you on a fun-filled tour of the OC Fair before it opens for the day to the public. Fun for the whole family as you run through the fair, past carnival rides and the Ferris Wheel. Take some “Detours to Fun” to win a stuffed animal, slide down the GIANT slide or get a photo of you “jammin'” on the Pacific Amphitheatre stage.

When you sign up for the most fun run of the summer you will receive a medal & t-shirt!!