Hot And Dirty Mud Splash

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Saturday, July 16, 2016
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How about a fun filled day for the whole family with mud, music, 50 awesome obstacles and a rockin after party . Hot An Dirty Mud Run is a 5K 10k Obstacle Course Race in the hills of Acton Ca.! We also have a 1k Mini Mud Run for kids ages 7-12 with 20 obstacles and plenty of mud. Sign up for the race and you’ll get to run our 3.1-mile course or 6.2 mile course filled with 50+ obstacles designed for athletes of all levels to challenge yourself and test your limits! After your turn on the course, and showering off the mud you’ll get to hang out in the festival area with hundreds of other mud runners where the after party takes place and our picnic area is located. You can visit our vendors where you can purchase some tasty food and beverages. Then relax while listening to music and talking to friends.

Are you ready to be challenged? Our course features obstacles that are natural or constructed throughout the course. These aren’t the inflatable obstacles you see at other races. You’ll climb hills and slide down six water slides, run, jump, crawl through 15 mud holes, climb over wood walls, jump hurdles, walk balance beams, and face a host of other challenges all while running through an awesome combination of scenic hills, trails, flat roads, and our obstacle arena where we have two ladder walls, rope climb, steeple climb and 3 mud pit crawls before the finish line! And unlike the other guys, we hate to see back-ups on our courses so we limit each wave of runners to 100 to avoid backups and overcrowding. Just after the finish line are the showers to wash off the mud and cool down.