Down & Dirty Obstacle Race

Castaic Lake
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Sunday, April 10, 2016
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The Down & Dirty Obstacle Race is an obstacle-climbing, trail-blasting series unlike any other. Each event has two course options (3 mile or a 6 mile), more than 20 challenging obstacles, a rockin’ expo, and an awesome kids’ race for ages 4-13. Athletes will experience an action-packed day with family and friends while giving back to our military heroes.


The course starts out with a run through the picnic areas of the lower lagoon. Runners will climb down into a river bed, through a tunnel and up the other side on their way to the first obstacles. Just before mile one the trail begins a steady incline.


Not too long after the mile one marker the course flattens out as runners make their way through a valley before coming to the base of “Heartbreak Hill”! This 50 yard incline will be sure to test your will power. Once at the top take a second to celebrate, it is all downhill for the remainder of the race!


Runners make their way through camping fields with amazing views of the lake and then work their way down the switchbacks to bring themselves to the base of the mountain. A last push back through the picnic area and then it is time to get muddy!