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Claremont Memorial Ride

Posted by: on July, 9 2014

Carlos Vazquez was enjoying a ride with his son Isai. They had just turned off Shinn Rd and started their descent down Baldy Rd. From here is where we all hate to see this go. Isai was slightly ahead of his father when a lady in an SUV tried to pass Carlos. Carlos was to the right of the lane and she was passing with a double yellow. Because of her impatience, Carlos was struck by the vehicle and went down hard. he suffered wounds to the head, face and torso. the driver proceeded and with horn honking narrowly missed Isai, who at this point did not know what occurred behind him. As another car passed Carlos the SUV proceeded to u-turn and pull over with the second car. This is where he learned that his father was struck. Isai turned uphill to aid his father. When he arrived his father laid there lifeless, blood coming from his head. He held his father and waited for help which arrived 20 minutes later. Needless to say, Carlos soon passed away. carlos
There was little coverage of the fatality in the media, only a short paragraph in a community paper. Maybe because there are so many deaths on our roads, we don’t see the relevance of just one more unless it’s someone famous or an exceptional case. Or there are simply too many. But one thing is for sure this needs to STOP! This is another tragedy and not an accident. It’s gross negligence. Impatience and lack of driving ability has left a family without a father. And for what, to save a few seconds.
We know we all can’t stand having to participate in memorial rides for it means we lost another brother or sister on the road. But we use these tragedies to help prevent another. We can’t measure the effect events like these have on vehicle travel all we can do is hope we get driver’s attention enough that there is one less death on our roadways.

So please join us July 13th in Claremont to show support for Carlos’ family and all vulnerable users of the roads.


Organized by Claremont Cycling Club, Butts on Bikes IE and IEBA
Bringing awareness to the many lives lost on IE roads. Rest in Peace Carlos Vazquez, Te’won Woods and Manuel Ortega!!
Distance: 16.1 miles http://ridewithgps.com/routes/5189719
Terrain: Relatively Flat but there will be a moderate climb over the Baseline Ave bump on the way back.
Elevation Gain: Only 618 ft of Elevation Gain!
Location: Cahullia Park Parking Lot, Near the Corner of Indian Hill Blvd & Scripps Ave, Claremont, CA 91711 (located behind Taylor Hall)Other Details: This ride is geared towards an average cyclist with ride leaders on hand to safely escort those that do not ride often back to the starting point should they feel they can’t ride the entire distance. It will be a very slow pace for most of our experienced riders so please be sure to communicate to your groups that we will start the ride and finish the ride as a group for the most part so treat it as a short “social” not “training” ride. =-) As always, a bike safe to operate on city streets, personal cycling skills enabling you to ride with a group in traffic, and a California bicyclist commuter-approved helmet fitted and worn properly are required.