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Exercise Can Calm Anxiety

Posted by: on July, 3 2013

Found in the NYTimes and written By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS In an eye-opening demonstration of nature’s ingenuity, researchers at Princeton University recently discovered that exercise creates vibrant new brain cells — and then shuts them down when they shouldn’t be in action. For some time, scientists studying exercise have been puzzled by physical activity’s two seemingly incompatible effects […]

Train By Time Or Distance?

Posted by: on June, 27 2013

Found on Triathlete.com and written by Mackenzie Lobby We break down the benefits of each method of training. One of the most common debates in training is whether it is better to base workouts on time or distance. In the world of ultra races, running based on time is an accepted approach, even in competition. […]

Lack Of Flexibility For Runners May Be Good

Posted by: on June, 26 2013

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Loss of flexibility isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One of the more interesting effects of run training is reduced flexibility in the joints of the lower legs. In a word, the more you run, the harder it is to touch your toes. I was been reminded of this […]

8 Open Water Drills For The Pool

Posted by: on June, 19 2013

Found on Triathlete.com  By Sara McLarty I live in Lake County, Fla. That’s a dead giveaway for how easy it is for me to train in open water. I literally have a lake in my front yard, one in my backyard and one on each side of my house. I can find a friend, bring […]

VIDEO: Caffeine And Endurance Athletes

Posted by: on June, 18 2013

Dr. John Berardi discusses the pros and cons of using caffeine in an active diet.  

VIDEO: Inspirational Doesn’t Begin to Cut it! Sports Illustrated Kid of The Year 2012

Posted by: on June, 18 2013

Inspirational Doesn’t Begin to Cut it! Sports Illustrated Kid of The Year 2012  

Video: Pull Through

Posted by: on June, 17 2013

From Competitor.com In this video we introduce you to an exercise known as the Pull Through. This is a great lower body exercise that will help increase leg strength and back strength.

How To Choose The Right Wetsuit

Posted by: on June, 13 2013

How to Choose a Wetsuit By Shaun Guest and Jené Shaw and seen on Triathlete.com We enlisted the expertise of Patrick Baum, customer service specialist for TriSports.com, to demystify the wetsuit selection process and map out the basic steps you should take to zero in on the just- right suit for you. Assess the athlete’s […]

VIDEO: Swim Smart Part II

Posted by: on June, 12 2013

An open-water swim in a triathlon is substantially different from swimming in a pool. To alleviate stress, it’s important that you arrive on race day healthy, fit and prepared. Here’s a top-10

Swimming Deaths Trouble Triathlon Officials

Posted by: on June, 10 2013

Written by Frederick Dreier, Special for USA TODAY Sports Nanette Nanjo-Jones and Margaret Pometta were inseparable after they discovered the sport of triathlon in 2008. They trained together on hilly roads in San Mateo County, and at races they decorated their bicycles with colored flags and wore matching pink boas. Before each event, the two always […]

Local Man Dies At Redondo Beach Triathlon

Posted by: on June, 10 2013

Seen on EasyReaderNews and written by Rachel Reeves Local man dies during Redondo Beach Triathlon A South Bay resident died Sunday after completing the swim portion of the Redondo Beach Triathlon. On-duty lifeguards administered CPR to the man, then called in paramedics, who transported him from the beach near the Redondo Pier to Little Company […]

Get The Facts On Weight Loss

Posted by: on June, 4 2013

Weight-Loss FAQs Answered Written by Liz Applegate, Ph.D.; and seen on RUNNERS WORLD What’s the best way to break through a weight-loss plateau? Since you’re not burning more calories than you consume—hence no weight loss—tweak your routine. Up the protein at each meal (especially breakfast) to 25 grams—this curbs appetite and may boost calorie burning. Eat […]

Art of Carbo Loading

Posted by: on May, 28 2013

Seen on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald You aren’t still putting yourself through a depletion phase, are you? The practice of carbo-loading dates back to the late 1960s. The first carbo-loading protocol was developed by a Swedish physiologist named Gunvar Ahlborg after he discovered a positive relationship between the amount of glycogen (carbs stored […]

How To Use A Foam Roller

Posted by: on May, 23 2013

Found on RunnersWorld and written by Michelle Hamilton If you use a foam roller only to rehab injured muscles, you’re not getting the most out of it. A roller—which looks like a firm log—can be a valuable part of a healthy runner’s warmup and cooldown routine, says Michael Clark, Ph.D., a physical therapist and CEO of […]

World’s 10 Best Protein Sources

Posted by: on May, 23 2013

Seen on Mens Health There are a ton of great proteins available. And if you ask 10 different people what the BEST source of protein is, you’ll likely get 10 different answers.  But before we talk about the BEST protein sources, why does it even matter? The data continue to mound for the benefits of […]

Pros and Cons Of Using Caffeine In Training and Racing

Posted by: on May, 22 2013

The Pros And Cons To Caffeine-Infused Training And Racing Found on Triathlete.com and  Written by Tim Mickleborough What’s the deal with caffeine? Does it truly improve race times and help with training? If it does improve performance can we dose up on caffeine and not have any worries about getting caught? Is it a banned substance? Are […]

Dealing With Postrace Letdown

Posted by: on May, 20 2013

Found on ESPN and written by By Lyndsay Meyer Race day has come and gone, and the awesome feeling of accomplishment has … gone with it. Instead of feeling proud and successful, you’re left feeling depressed and lethargic. You’re suffering from postrace letdown, a common malady among athletes after the culmination of months of work. PRLD […]

5 Reasons To Cross-Train

Posted by: on May, 16 2013

Seen on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Cycling, swimming and strength training are just a few ways for runners to improve their fitness. As recently as 15 years ago, few elite runners did much in the way of cross-training, which I like to define broadly to include all forms of resistance training, stretching, and […]

What Are You Drinking?

Posted by: on May, 16 2013

What Are You Drinking? A little beer or wine won’t hurt your running (phew)–as long as you’re smart about it Seen on Runners World and written by Kristen Wolfe Bieler There are few sights more peculiar than a parade of 8,000 costumed marathoners sipping wine as they run 26.2 miles. But that’s exactly what happens […]

3 Tests For The Endurance Athlete

Posted by: on May, 13 2013

What every triathlete should know about lactate, calories, and gait, from the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Institute. As seen on Ironman.com and written By Jennifer Ward-Barber   Here are the three most important tests Gandler recommends for new and aspiring IRONMAN athletes: Lactate testing This basic test determines the exercise intensity at which lactic acid […]

WTC CEO Andrew Messick On Ironman Swim Changes

Posted by: on May, 10 2013

This was written by By Liz Hichens and seen on Competitor.com World Triathlon Corporation CEO Andrew Messick offers new insight into today’s announcement of select changes to the Ironman swim leg, addresses the concerns of athletes and explains why he isn’t afraid to break with tradition. Since Andrew Messick accepted the position of the CEO […]

5 Pre Race Nutrition Mistakes

Posted by: on May, 9 2013

Five prerace nutrition mistakes—and how to keep them from ruining your big day. By Kelly Bastone  As seen on RunnersWorld.com If you’re like many runners, you’ve spent the last few months training for a big race. And as your 5-K, half-marathon, or marathon approaches, you’re probably taking extra care with what you eat and drink. […]

VIDEO: Kicking Drills For The Triathlon Swim

Posted by: on May, 9 2013

Video on kicking drills for the triathlon swim.  

Ironman Introduces “Swim Smart” Program To Events

Posted by: on May, 9 2013

As seen on Ironman.com IRONMAN pilots alternative swim starts and other enhancements to swim courses at select North America events. In an effort to improve athlete satisfaction and reduce athlete anxiety during the swim portion of the race, IRONMAN will test different swim race starts and other course enhancements in 2013. “IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 […]

Best Training Watches 2013

Posted by: on May, 9 2013

As seen on RunningMetronome.org With the spring season finally here, there’s never been a better time to begin or continue running. Whether you are in the market for something to help you track your progress or want to take your running to the next level, a running watch is the prefect training tool to help […]

In GPS We Trust

Posted by: on May, 6 2013

As seen on HamptonHalf.com In GPS We Trust: Runner threatens law suit over course measurement disagreement. (True Story) Picture yourself running your best half marathon ever, at least according to your GPS you are. You can hear the crowds welcoming now, and you are dreaming of a personal best at just under 1 hour and […]

Hydrate Properly Before Your Race

Posted by: on May, 1 2013

Written by Maggie O’Houlihan for Healthy Living Dehydration causes increased heart rate and limits the body’s ability to cool itself. To perform your best in a half-marathon, you will need to be properly hydrated. This starts days before the race. You will need to consume the right amount of fluids while avoiding alcohol and being sure not to […]

Hydration Tips

Posted by: on April, 25 2013

Written for Ironman.com As the summer approaches, nutritionist Nancy Clark offers a hydration education in sweat, sodium and cramping. Hydration is a hot topic in the endurance and IRONMAN communities. But an issue that often goes ignored in the conversation is the problem of overhydration, which can be as dangerous to your health as underhydration. […]

Here’s A True Hero

Posted by: on April, 24 2013

Written by GABE ZALDIVAR  for BleacherReport.com (POP CULTURE LEAD WRITER) ON APRIL 23, 2013 Every athlete has to let go of his or her career at some point in life, whether due to eroding talent, old age or injury. Collegiate track athlete Cameron Lyle is bringing his career to an end for a much greater purpose—to extend the […]

9 Steps To Prepare For Race Day

Posted by: on April, 24 2013

9 Steps On How To Prepare For Race Day   From WikiHow Plan what you will eat for your race-day breakfast. Most major races are scheduled in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you can skip breakfast. Choose a light meal that includes bananas, an energy bar or bagel. Lay out your race-day clothing so […]

7 Signs Your Overtraining

Posted by: on April, 23 2013

Written by Dr. Mercola from Mercola Fitness When it comes to healthy habits, too much of a good thing can backfire, and that applies to exercise as well. While most people suffer from lack of exercise, once you get going, it can be addictive and some people do end up exercising too much — either by exercising […]

4 Ways To Recover Right

Posted by: on February, 19 2013

From Triathlete.com  By Sarah Wassner Flynn Don’t let winter training take its toll on your body—4 things to do after every workout so you’re ready to take on your next tough effort. Rub It As if you needed another excuse to get a massage, here’s one more:  Experts say that rubbing down muscles after exercise […]