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Cyclist Killed, 2 Injured in Tour de Palm Springs

Posted by: on February, 13 2018

Found on USA Today and written by Sherry Barkas  INDIO HILLS, Calif. — One person was killed and two others injured Saturday in a collision involving bicyclists and a car that witnesses said was moving as fast as 100 mph along the route for California’s Tour de Palm Springs. Numerous bicyclists participating in the Tour de Palm […]

%$#@, Yeah! Swearing Makes You Stronger

Posted by: on May, 16 2017

Found on Triathlete.com and written by Susan Lacke Isn’t science grand? Go ahead, drop that F-bomb—it might just get you over the crest. New research presented at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society reveals that swearing aloud increases strength. The study, conducted at Keele University in England, compared the anaerobic cycling power of […]

Should You Try To Lose Weight While Training For A Race

Posted by: on December, 14 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Runners have long enjoyed the weight loss benefits of our great sport. It seems like every week there are new studies confirming that running is a good way to help lose weight: Aerobic exercise is more efficient at burning liver and visceral fat than resistance training (source […]

VIDEO: Avoid Porta Potty On Race Day

Posted by: on September, 29 2016

Found on Competitor.com Dr. Jordan Metzl explores a topic that we all think about (but rarely talk about) — the porta potty. Metzl gives nutritional tips on how to best minimize the likelihood of using the bathroom mid-race.

Online Safety And Workouts

Posted by: on August, 29 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Kelly O’Mara Online safety and workouts:  What should you really be worried about? A friend and I once used Strava, cross-referenced with public water records, to find a celebrity athlete’s house so we could take a picture in front of it. While our adventure was relatively benign, this is […]

Five Cyclists Killed By Truck

Posted by: on June, 8 2016

Found on VeloNews.com  Five cyclists were killed and four more were injured after a group of riders was struck by a pickup truck in Michigan Tuesday evening. According to multiple reports, the cyclists were riding together near Kalamazoo, located in the southwestern part of Michigan, when a blue Chevrolet pickup collided with them shortly after […]

VIDEO: SoCal Triathlete That Survived Shark Attack

Posted by: on June, 8 2016

From ABC 7 News in Los Angeles.  

Supervisors Approve Plan To Complete OC Bike Loop

Posted by: on June, 2 2016

For more information on the OC Loop, click here. Orange County supervisors have approved a seven-year plan to complete the 66-mile OC Loop, a recreational bikeway and trail system that will allow continuous access along the Coyote Creek-San Gabriel River Trails, the Pacific Coast Highway Corridor, the Santa Ana River Trail and the Union Pacific […]

Saddle Sores 101

Posted by: on May, 25 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Susan Lacke They’re uncomfortable, gross and almost inevitable for those who ride a bike. Saddle sores, or painful lesions on the buttocks, groin, perineum, or upper thighs, have plagued many a triathlete. Though most cases are benign and disappear quickly, saddle sores can and do progress to abscesses requiring […]

Time To Reboot

Posted by: on May, 13 2016

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Ed Eyestone When training hits a snag, stay calm and reassess. Several years ago, one of my athletes was having her best buildup ever in preparation for the St. George Marathon in Utah. But just weeks out from race day, Julie bonked on a long run and felt consumed […]

National Bike Safety Month

Posted by: on May, 3 2016

CALIFORNIA PUTS EMPHASIS ON BIKE SAFETY SACRAMENTO, Calif. – May is National Bike Safety Month, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is reminding motorists and bicyclists to share responsibility for roadway safety.  California’s weather allows bicyclists to enjoy riding many months throughout the year.  Although bicycle safety should be practiced every day, the month of […]

The Science Behind Falling Out Of Shape

Posted by: on March, 31 2016

Found on Outsideonline.com and written by Erin Beresini Or why you should never, ever stop training. When you’re in peak physical condition, you feel like a superhero—like you could go forever, outpace a cheetah, or lift a VW Bug. But your superpowers are ephemeral; the second you stop training, they start to fade. We asked […]

A Look At The Mind’s Role In Endurance Sports

Posted by: on February, 22 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald How Bad Do You Want It? A Closer Look at the Mind’s Role in Endurance Sports <a href=&quot;https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=AKAOjsuVNSXf4xppMFVjBnNGUE35PcSZ_GRtwx2Q5Sz4cxu8wUPa7hz_FmtBKvEb-Wsl-7HvhKjrMdfZIPpu0K7KuyeEhYV2pObmQcPe0sXniWsaqcPD4FoTbCpJ1ZXqz9GFS8rS1bFjcOlRwioe0LXMqSPolTX1klh1fmZDedjYfEZy4F43oeeKeGFVlbaKVf5OUdLTxQQZcWiC4OjI61uNV65I9F494IMBzKf9nvW0R8AKRV_Q4pztgGoR98dOsbkT2q0xTmj5RAFMtxfPS9ngPx76VfQQAyH0lEOXXJqMtCPQuOSu-VqWxQuPmkxsVxdd1lUkbqfHLQ2S5p9UQ2XQs7H6jeKqKsG0nLEaIC_r5ib3yboF_etKVq0cJDw9WFZQygzQSdy1CM5nLBQZ3StKIU0ZJfPuJEAbNUZ98_UXeGDckOPcM3ozbzriuyozZAaOZoWL9ltHjFszcr-Wzcupa-0ep9UftXDvzf2gqE0op5IhEG38AonIy33r71W1MKmp5JeVFV27ZVkfgin6j0mEfo5AW_-R61BW878ArZbMorYKu-G2YtDcyV_AMY-izUQtsX-iI74zrBf2s4-BV-7HSX7fqqtmJfrikgpdAdL2JVM5GK0A3jQbgZt2A_lLULdwECNhdrEM0oBUWvmZS1tYQmAOH5oGQjHbAbKAU2Rj8qZde9DahucxzNE1PvFERGcG-1hjwmuWEyz1E7IGgNUrKXeWB4bv0A-hECobw8bnwfs7snWJdFyi2EA6LkZwmn94ZH04nrzv6pdRjGb19milpBA-lTR7hJHWBqnR4OQtTCjtKbv8uwgd38h5&amp;sig=Cg0ArKJSzKvOxkNUDmb2EAE&amp;urlfix=1&amp;adurl=https://www.caesars.com/las-vegas/hotels/vegas-vacation%3Futm_source%3Dgoogledisplaynetwork%26utm_medium%3Ddisplay%7Cbanner%26utm_content%3DLAS_OCC_DIS_HotRates_Couple_728x90%26utm_keyword%3DHotRates%26utm_campaign%3DDM_LVM_OCC_2016%26dclid%3D%25edclid!&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;><img border=&quot;0&quot; style=&quot;display:block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto&quot; alt=&quot;Backup Image&quot; src=&quot;https://s1.2mdn.net/2891872/LAS_HotRates_Banner_728x90.jpg&quot; /></a> Endurance athletes, by definition, endure. They endure long hours of training, the privations of a monastic lifestyle, and all manner […]

Hit And Run Victim Talks About Crash

Posted by: on February, 22 2016

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A cyclist who was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver on Wednesday night spoke to CBS News 8 and said he wants the driver caught. CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8 San Diego police continued their search Thursday for the driver who struck […]

Cyclist Caught Cheating

Posted by: on February, 1 2016

Found on BusinessInsider.com and written by Daniel McMahon Cycling officials on Saturday detained a bicycle ridden during the cyclocross world championships in Zolder, Belgium, to investigate “technological fraud,” and on Sunday they confirmed the bike had a concealed motor in the frame. The International Cycling Union said the bike belonged to 19-year-old Belgian Femke Van […]

Marathon Goddess To Run 100th Marathon

Posted by: on January, 27 2016

From NBC Los Angeles A Southern California woman known as the “Marathon Goddess” is on a mission to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer the only way she knows how: by running. Julie Weiss has run 99 marathons in her life, including 52 in one year, and is in the final stretching of training for yet […]

VIDEO: How To Keep The Trainer Interesting

Posted by: on January, 26 2016

If you avoid the trainer or get bored during your workouts – this is the video for you. Check out how to keep your workouts on the bike trainer interesting.

Cars vs Bicycles: The Struggle to Break a Fatal Cycle

Posted by: on January, 25 2016

Found on the OC Register and written by David Whiting A 9-year-old Irvine boy pedaling his bicycle on a Friday afternoon. A woman in Orange riding inside a crosswalk. A 13-year-old Santa Ana girl bicycling to school. Each one was killed last year by a motor vehicle. Yet the three represent only a fraction of […]

New Camp Pendleton Cycling Rules

Posted by: on January, 22 2016

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR CAMP PENDLETON RIDERS! In the interest of protecting the marines and their family’s at Camp Pendleton, a new registration system for bikers wishing to gain access to the base is coming. Quoting the Base’s Public Affairs Director: “Camp Pendleton wanted to give you an update on our visitor access policy. We value […]

The Role of Muscle Fibers In Running

Posted by: on January, 20 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Jeff Gaudette There are different types of muscle fibers, and it’s important for runners to work all of them. Learn how to specifically target different types in your training. Understanding the why of training and the science behind your workouts is important, even if you’re not writing your own […]

Solving The Mystery of Side Stitches In Runners

Posted by: on January, 20 2016

Found on Competitor.com and written by Kelly O’Mara When I was in high school, I would often find myself in the middle of a run suddenly so debilitated by pain in my lower side that I’d simply end up walking home or seeking refuge in a local gas station to wait it out. Eventually, the […]

What Is The Ideal Bike Cadence For You?

Posted by: on January, 13 2016

Found on Triathlon.com and written by Bethany Rutledge Match your optimal cadence to your effort using these guidelines. Which cadence should I ride for my event? There is no such thing as a perfect cadence, but cadence is an important piece of the overall cycling puzzle. This is a common question from new cyclists who […]

VIDEO: Garmin’s Varia Vision

Posted by: on January, 12 2016

The Varia Vision unit integrates with a few other Garmin products, like the Edge line for performance monitoring. It also works with Varia Review Radar, which gives you an indication in the display when there are cars behind you. And the whole thing can be set to vibrate when certain notifications come in — like […]

VIDEO: Desire

Posted by: on December, 28 2015

Desire – Motivation Video

VIDEO: How To Use Hand Signals On Your Group Ride

Posted by: on December, 10 2015

Found on CyclingWeekly.com Hand signals are vital for the safety of everyone riding in your group, so here’s what you need to know:  

Unconventional Race Formats

Posted by: on December, 8 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Sara McLarty Swimrun and unconventional race formats are drawing a crowd looking for their next adventure. Are you? Got a bit of the “been there, done that” feeling about your typical race schedule? Throw in one of these multisport events to mix up your calendar, explore a foreign locale […]

VIDEO: NYC Marathon’s Final Finisher

Posted by: on December, 1 2015

Sala Cyril finished 49,466th place at the New York City Marathon earlier this month—the last official finisher in a time of 8 hours, 28 minutes and 24 seconds. “It did not bother me at all to be last, I was actually excited. It was a distinction…I said I finished, how many people were able to […]

How Can I Relieve IT Band Pain?

Posted by: on November, 3 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by William O. Roberts MD IT Band Syndrome is commonly caused by lack of strength. Hello, I’ve been struggling with IT Band Syndrome since 2005 when I started training for the Big Sur marathon in 2006. It got so bad at mile 18 that I had walk most of the […]

Cyclist Dies After Being Struck By Car

Posted by: on October, 20 2015

Found on BikinginLA.com Sometimes, our worst fears are realized. That was the case last week, as the Orange County Register made a brief mention of a bicyclist who critically injured when he was struck from behind while riding in a Huntington Beach bike lane. Sadly, they announced today that he did not survive his injuries. The […]

19 Health Related Podcasts

Posted by: on October, 19 2015

Found on Greatist.com and written by Maria Hart If you’re late to the podcast party and think they’re just about solvingmurder most foul or catching up with Car Talk, allow us to educate you. Because bobbing around in the iTunes ether are several podcasts with rich and significant info on health and fitness. The wisdom […]

VIDEO: What Makes A Good Recovery Meal?

Posted by: on October, 7 2015

Found on Competitor.com by Allen Lim After a hard workout, do you really have time to meticulously study nutrition labels, looking for the perfect ratio of carbohydrate, fat and protein? Allen Lim, noted sports scientist and founder of Skratch Labs, gives an example of how he approaches recovery meals just based off what he already […]

Advanced Bike Skills For Triathletes

Posted by: on September, 28 2015

Found on Ironman.com and written by Charisa Wernick How group rides, inclement weather, and technical know-how can challenge you and make you a better rider. Most people learn to ride a bicycle as a kid. Then, usually the bike is set aside for team sports or used simply as transportation, only to be picked back […]

Should I See A Doctor About My Running Injury?

Posted by: on September, 24 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Jeffrey Sankoff, MD My colleague Ben is an avid runner. Last year he embarked on a plan with a goal of running the Chicago Marathon to gain qualification for the 2016 Boston Marathon. His training went really well and by October he was in great shape. He cruised through […]

Crash Kills Cyclist on PCH in Huntington Beach

Posted by: on September, 11 2015

Found on Bikinginla.com  The Orange County Register reports that the cyclist, who has not been publicly identified, was riding north on PCH just south of Seapoint Drive when she was rear-ended by a car around 4:40 am. She was hit with enough force to knock her into the southbound lanes, and was taken to Orange County […]

New Study Confirms “Share The Road” Is A Problem

Posted by: on August, 31 2015

Found on Bikede.org and written by James “Comprehension of the familiar “Share the Road” signage as a statement of bicyclists’ roadway rights has been challenged, based on arguments that it is ambiguous, imprecise, frequently misinterpreted, and not designed for that purpose…In fact, the US state of Delaware discontinued use of the “Share the Road” plaque […]

VIDEO: Cyclist Does This To Car Blocking Bike Lane

Posted by: on July, 28 2015

Most of us can agree that people who double-park, or park in handicapped spots, or just park wherever they want, are just the worst. Those white lines are there for a reason, you know? Parking rules make everyone’s life a little bit easier. That being said, if you find a car, say, parked across a […]

Do I Really Need A Rest Day?

Posted by: on July, 27 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by William O. Roberts How you schedule your recovery depends on how hard you’re training. Shey asks: I’m not a big fan of rest days—I take one when I feel like I need it. Should I be scheduling a rest day into my week or is my philosophy acceptable? That’s […]

VIDEO: Tour de France

Posted by: on July, 14 2015

Its the COBBLES! The stage known for tearing up riders, bikes, and emotions! Ride along with us on this, the 4th Stage, of the Tour de France!

VIDEO: Tour de France (Stages 1-7)

Posted by: on July, 14 2015

Take a look at the first 7 stages of the 2015 Tour de France. The best of best. La Crème de la crème. From Belgium to Normande, check out all the action!

Summer Running: How To Stand The Heat

Posted by: on June, 17 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Richard A. Lovett As temperatures rise, running doesn’t need to be a total suffer-fest. However many bad-weather-will-make-you-tougher quotes we collect, there’s still one aspect of weather that most of us do our best to dodge: heat. Bolstered perhaps by health warnings every time the mercury climbs into the red […]

San Diego Cyclist Killed By Distracted Driver

Posted by: on June, 15 2015

Found on Bikinginla.com Yet another bike rider has lost his life, in what has turned out to be a horrible few days for Southern California bike riders. According to the Union-Tribune, a bicyclist was killed while riding in San Diego’s Torrey Highlands neighborhood Sunday afternoon. The victim was riding in the bike lane on Camino del Sur near Torrey […]

VIDEO: This Girl Can

Posted by: on June, 12 2015

A new TV ad created by Sports England called “This Girl Can” was released yesterday. The spot aims to help women overcome “worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again,” Sport England’s chief executive officer Jennie Price told Marketing Magazine.   Watch it. You’ll be inspired. […]

VIDEO: Volvo LifePaint

Posted by: on June, 9 2015

Volvo Cars presents LifePaint. The best way to survive a crash, is not to crash. LifePaint is a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it shines brightly in the glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. Find out more at www.volvolifepaint.com #volvolifepaint

Want To Get Faster? Ride Indoors

Posted by: on June, 5 2015

Found on Ironman.com and written by Kevin Mackinnon Training indoors on your bicycle might just improve your cycling more than any other part of your training regimen. It wasn’t until I spent a winter training for Japan’s Strongman Triathlon that I truly learned the benefits of indoor training. A tough Eastern Canadian winter made riding […]

VIDEO: Shattered Dreams

Posted by: on June, 2 2015

The images are hard to look at — a mangled Schwinn bicycle, a crumpled bike trailer, shredded clothes and a cracked helmet. But it’s a good reminder to stay off your phone while driving.

Helmet Sensor Detects Bicycle Crashes, Sends Text For Help

Posted by: on June, 1 2015

Found on Dispatch.com and written by Diana Holbrook Some cyclists are on the road, perhaps late at night, by themselves. So what happens in an incapacitating accident when you can’t call a spouse or family member? Now, there is ICEdot — a sensor that attaches to your helmet and contacts your loved ones for you. […]

Three Tips For Overcoming A Bad Race

Posted by: on May, 20 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Duncan Larkin Ask any Olympian about their experiences competing at the top of his or her sport and it’s a good bet they’ll not only mention the highs of their career, but also the lows. Even elite athletes are human beings and being human means having to deal with setbacks. […]

VIDEO: The Importance Of Recovery

Posted by: on May, 19 2015

In this video, Sage Rountree, author of “The Athlete’s Guide To Recovery” explains how recovering properly will help you reap the benefits of hard workouts.

VIDEO: Is Your Sodium Intake Adequate?

Posted by: on May, 12 2015

Found on Competitor.com What are some of the symptoms that runners should look for related to low sodium? In this episode of Med Tent, Dr. Jordan Metzl examines the side effects of inadequate sodium intake (called hyponatremia), and offers tips to make sure this isn’t an issue for you.

Teen Gets 11 Years For Killing Cyclist While Driving High On Meth

Posted by: on April, 22 2015

Found on the OCRegister.com and written by Sean Emery A Tustin teen was sentenced Tuesday to 11 years in prison after admitting to striking and killing a cyclist while driving under the influence of meth. Sommer Nicole Gonzales, 19, agreed to a plea deal requiring her to admit to felony counts of vehicular manslaughter and […]

Review: Stick Rollers

Posted by: on April, 14 2015

Found on AthletesTreatingAthletes.com and written by Leigh Boyle Review: Stick Rollers Posted on April 14, 2015 by Leigh Boyle Stick rollers have come a long way over the past few years. Not only do they now come in all shapes and sizes, but a quick search on Amazon also produces 13,000 hits. I thought I’d […]

5 Potions For Pain Relief

Posted by: on March, 2 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Sarah Brown Shea These creams and sprays can help relieve sore muscles. When you’re ready to give overworked muscles some well-deserved TLC, pain-relieving creams and sprays can be “effective in providing temporary relief” for soreness that stems from a tough workout, says Annie O’Connor, with the Rehabilitation Institute of […]

The Best Reasons Not To Support the Helmet Bill #SB192

Posted by: on February, 24 2015

Found on BikeSD.org and written by Estaban Del Rio BikeSD adamantly opposes the bill (Senate Bill 192) put forward by State Senator Carol Liu, D-La Cañada, requiring all bicycle riders to wear a helmet and don reflective clothing at night, in addition to required lights. The debate has already reproduced familiar frames that present bicycle […]

Cyclist Hit By Distracted Driver

Posted by: on February, 23 2015

In the very definition of irony, a cyclist was hit by a distracted driver at the end of the ride to benefit the Milt Olin Foundation, dedicated to fight distracted driving.

West Covina Cyclist Killed By Hit And Run Driver

Posted by: on February, 17 2015

Found on sgvtribune.com and written by WEST COVINA >> A West Covina man who was struck and badly injured by a hit-and-run driver while crossing Francisquito Avenue last month succumbed to his injuries Thursday, officials said. The SUV driver who fled the scene after striking him remains at-large. Emilio Simon, 50, fought for his life […]

Cyclist Severely Injured In Hit and Run

Posted by: on February, 13 2015

Found on PressEnterprise and written by Peter Surowski A Riverside man was severely injured in a hit-and-run while riding a bicycle in the Canyon Crest neighborhood this weekend, and his wife is hoping someone will come forward with information to help catch the driver. The victim, Chris McAdams, was riding south about 7:15 a.m. Saturday, […]

How To Become A Cyclist

Posted by: on February, 11 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Take your bike skills from cruising to race-ready with these tips. The simple act of pedaling a bike is easy enough to pick up even after years away (“just like riding a bike,” right?). The difficulty comes in turning your leisurely riding into a race effort. In order to improve, […]

Driver Charged For Hit-And-Run And Manslaughter For Killing Cyclist In Laguna Beach

Posted by: on February, 6 2015

Found on SoCalCycling.com and written by OC Bicycle Coalition A motorist was charged today for hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter following a crash that killed John Colvin who was bicycling on North Coast Highway in Laguna Beach on June 17th, 2014. Dylan Thomas Randluby, 20, of Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, is charged with one felony count of hit-and-run with injury […]

Race Guards

Posted by: on February, 5 2015

Have you seen the Race Guards out at your recent event? Race Guards was established in March 2012 in San Diego, California to provide in-race first aid for athletic events throughout the country with a focus on running and cycling races, triathlons and endurance events.  Race Guards is comprised of volunteers trained in CPR, AED […]

Armstrong Lets Girlfriend Take Blame In Crash

Posted by: on February, 3 2015

Found in the DenverPost and written by Jesse Paul Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend lied to police and took the blame after the infamous cyclist drove an SUV into two parked vehicles in Aspen after a December night out at a ritzy hotel event, police records show.  Armstrong, 43, was issued a summons and faces charges of […]

Lance Armstrong Interview

Posted by: on January, 26 2015

Found on BBC.com Lance Armstrong interview: An abridged transcript This story contains language you may find offensive. Tour de France legend, global cancer campaigner, friend of Hollywood stars and US presidents. Lance Armstrong was all of these things when he sat down opposite talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey two years ago. But the American icon was […]

Cyclist Killed In Fountain Valley

Posted by: on December, 29 2014

Found on KTLA.com and written by Melissa Palmer A 37-year-old Santa Ana man who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist in Fountain Valley was being held on suspicion of illegally driving under the influence of prescription drugs, police said Monday. William Joseph Klein was booked on suspicion of felony DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter in […]

Winners FREE Race Entries: December

Posted by: on December, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the December drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries every two weeks.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each […]

Woman Sentences to 15 Years In Hit And Run Bike Death

Posted by: on December, 12 2014

Found on Chron.com and written by Dug Begley Jurors sentenced a Houston woman to 15 years in prison Thursday for failing to stop after fatally injuring a bicyclist with her truck. The decision on punishment for Margaret Mayer, 36, came after 38 minutes of deliberation. She could have been sentenced to probation or up to […]

Riverside: $10,000 Reward In Cyclists Death

Posted by: on December, 3 2014

Found in the Press Enterprise and written by Alicia Robinson Hoping to generate new leads, Riverside police plan to offer a $10,000 reward for information on the driver who struck and killed bicyclist D’Andre Sutherland in August. Sutherland, 27, of Riverside, was riding his bike north on Magnolia Avenue near Riverside City College on Aug. […]

Cyclist Hit And Runs On The Rise

Posted by: on December, 1 2014

Found on LATimes.com and written by ARMAND EMAMDJOMEH, LAURA J. NELSON AND JOSEPH SERNA   Paul Livingston pressed his left arm to the pavement of Santa Monica Boulevard and slowly dragged his mangled body out of the street and onto the curb. A car had just slammed into him at a red light in Beverly Hills, […]

VIDEO: Be Kind To Cyclists

Posted by: on November, 12 2014

A rough cut of a trailer for an upcoming documentary featuring Al Bastidas from the non-profit organization “Please Be Kind To Cyclists” as well as Harvey Davis, John Fusselman, and Melissa Holan, three individuals who have lost a loved one as a result of a cycling accident. This documentary focuses on ghost bikes around the […]

Cyclist Killed In Newport Beach

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Found on Bikinginla.com For once, the charges fit the crime. Last night, we linked to news that an Orange County bike rider had been hit by a vehicle Sunday evening. Sadly, the Newport Beach police announced this morning that the victim died later that night. According to the police report, 30-year old Fountain Valley resident Shaun Eagleson was […]

Winners of FREE race drawing: October 2015

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the September drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries every two weeks.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each […]

California Protected Bikeways Act

Posted by: on September, 30 2014

Found on LongBeachize.com and written by Melissa Balmer Imagine roadways that encourage respectful, cordial interaction among all users, and that are far safer, and even fun, for people on bikes. California has taken a big step towards the creation of exactly these types of roadways with Governor Brown’s approval this past Saturday of AB 1193, […]

The Biggest Mistake Cyclists And Triathletes Make On Climbs

Posted by: on September, 29 2014

Found on TrainRight.com and written by Chris Carmichael: CEO/Head Coach of CTS I am very fortunate to participate in a lot of cycling camps, charity rides, group rides, and races; and all that time riding with other athletes can be very informative. A great number of the topics in my weekend blogs and Time-Crunched Athlete books are […]

Which City Has The Most Bike Lanes?

Posted by: on September, 26 2014

Found on Forbes.com and written by Niall McCarthy Even though the automobile is still the king of the American commute by a considerable stretch, that doesn’t necessarily mean US cities are particularly unfriendly to cyclists. In fact, many cities across the United States are making huge strides in implementing safe and efficient bike lanes. Take […]

Cyclist Killed In Oceanside Hit and Run

Posted by: on September, 23 2014

Found on NBCSanDiego and written by Tony Shinn A man riding a bike was struck and killed Wednesday night along a busy Carlsbad street. Arthur Jacobs, 64, of Vista, was hit by a truck at about 10 p.m. on southbound El Camino Real near Cassia Road. The impact sent him flying into the bushes nearby, […]

Winners of FREE Race Drawing: September

Posted by: on September, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the September drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries every two weeks.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each […]

VIDEO: Share The Road

Posted by: on September, 19 2014

You wouldn’t get this close in person, so don’t act this way when driving! Give bicyclists room to ride.

Give Cyclists 3 Feet: It’s The Law

Posted by: on September, 16 2014

Found on OCRegister.com and written by Morgan Cook John Greg Colvin was riding his bicycle along the east side of Pacific Coast Highway, heading home to his family, when a car hit from behind, killing him, police said. Coincidentally, the 55-year-old business executive’s wife and daughter both passed the scene on their drives home after […]

Synthetic Gear vs Cotton Gear. Which smells worse?

Posted by: on September, 10 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Scott Douglas In a finding that will not surprise this writer’s wife, synthetic exercise gear smelled worse than cotton gear a day after both had been worn during a sweaty workout, according to research published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Belgian researchers had 26 people do a hard hour-long spin bike workout. The […]

Apple Introduces Its Smartwatch

Posted by: on September, 9 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Kelsey Aplaio, Scott Douglas Apple Unveils its Smartwatch Apple Watch will have many fitness-specific features. Apple unveiled its long-anticipated entry into the smartwatch market, Apple Watch, today at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. “Because you wear it, we invented new intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from […]

VIDEO: Cyclists Call For Action

Posted by: on September, 4 2014

Bike Ride A Call For Action After Deputy Not Charged In Cyclist’s Death More than 100 cyclists made their way from Calabasas to Los Angeles Wednesday evening to pay tribute to Milt Olin Jr., a prominent entertainment lawyer and former Napster executive who was killed while riding his bicycle in December. SKY9 was overhead as […]

The New “3 Foot” Law

Posted by: on September, 3 2014

Found on ABC7.com and written by Rob Hayes LOS ANGELES (KABC) –They’ve got their helmets, they’ve got their lanes and soon California bicyclists will have another form of protection from drivers: a buffer zone. “Motorists are required to give bicyclists three feet whenever they’re passing,” CHP Officer Edgar Figueroa said. Starting Sept. 16, that’s how […]

Cyclist Killed In Huntington Beach

Posted by: on September, 2 2014

This post was found on Bikinginla.com It’s the curse of a holiday weekend. Bicyclists can encounter drunk drivers any day of the year. But the risk rises exponentially on holiday weekends — and seems to be even worse in beach communities. That’s appears to have been the case in Huntington Beach Monday evening, as yet another bike […]

Deputy That Fatally Struck Cyclist Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Posted by: on August, 29 2014

Found on KTLA.com and written by Melissa Pamer A Sheriff’s Department deputy who fatally struck a cyclist in Calabasas will not face criminal charges in the death because his actions cannot be proved negligent, according to a Los Angeles County prosecutor’s report. The Dec. 8, 2013, collision that killed prominent entertainment attorney Milton Olin of Woodland Hills […]

VIDEO: Family Of Slain Cyclist Encourages Motorists To Share The Road

Posted by: on August, 21 2014

From NBC news San Diego. A Chula Vista couple is trying to get the word out about a new law requiring California drivers to stay at least 3 feet away when passing bicyclists. Michael and Cheri O’Neill’s passion for the change is outweighed only by grief after they lost their 33-year-old son Matthew O’Neill on […]

Winners of FREE Race Entries: August Drawing

Posted by: on August, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the August drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each month in 2014! […]

Update: Cyclist Hit On Fiesta Island In Critical Care

Posted by: on August, 15 2014

Found on UT San Diego and written by Susan Shroder SAN DIEGO — A 43-year-old man who was one of eight cyclists struck by a suspected drunken driver Tuesday night at Fiesta Island remains hospitalized in critical condition with life-threatening injuries, including a broken spine, a relative said Thursday. The rider, Juan Carlos Vinolo, also lost […]

5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Race

Posted by: on August, 15 2014

Found on Yahoo.com and written by Susan Paul, Runner’s World There are several factors to consider when choosing your first race.  You are not alone in your surprise about lottery entries or early close outs. Unfortunately, I hear this all too often from many new runners who simply have no idea that signing up for […]

6 Cyclists Hit On Fiesta Island

Posted by: on August, 13 2014

Found on NBC news San Diego and written by Omari Fleming, Christina London and Monica Garske One of the cyclists struck called Fiesta Island one of the safest places to ride in San Diego A car plowed into a group of bicyclists on Fiesta Island Tuesday evening, sending at least six people to the hospital. Brandon Ewers’ riding buddy […]

VIDEO: Stay Injury Free With Self Massage

Posted by: on August, 12 2014

Found on Competitor.com In this video, Sage Rountree explains how self massage can be a useful bridge between regular massage sessions and can help target areas that are overtight or overworked. Also, learn how tools such as a golf ball, foam roller or massage stick can aid in restoring the body back to a less-tight […]

10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Working Out

Posted by: on August, 11 2014

Found on Wellfesto.com and written by Brynn Harrington Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me.  She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely long set of burpees; I mentally checked out because of a few words she kept saying over and over.  “Come on!  Get that body […]

Bike Valet At Your Next Race

Posted by: on August, 6 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com More Races Offering Bike Valet Service Initiatives reduce traffic and carbon footprint. By Jon Marcus; Image by Ann Caplan Bike valet service debuted this year at the Beach to Beacon 10K in Maine. After Dawn Letourneau crossed the finish line of last Saturday’s Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, she grabbed some […]

VIDEO: Change Of Heart

Posted by: on August, 6 2014

Wake up call from maker of cycling hating video. Watch initial video that caused such a big response. ORIGINAL VIDEO  

Cyclist Killed In Downtown L.A

Posted by: on August, 5 2014

Found on BikinginLA.com More bad news, this time from Downtown Los Angeles. According to a press release from the LAPD, the victim, identified only as a man in his early 40s, was hit and killed by a flatbed tractor trailer on Alameda just south of 20th Street at 1:10 pm Monday. The police report says […]

Motorist Gets Ticket For Following Cyclist Too Close

Posted by: on July, 25 2014

Watch as this police officer enforces the law. The Honda is tailgating the cyclist at 30 mph.

Driver In Cycling Fatality Booked For Vehicular Manslaughter

Posted by: on July, 24 2014

Found on Menifee247.com and written by Doug Spoon. A San Jacinto man was taken into custody for vehicular manslaughter in the death of a bicyclist July 23 on Domenigoni Parkway at the eastern border of Menifee. Luis Aranda Llamas, 23, was booked at the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley for vehicular manslaughter and display […]

VIDEO: OC Cyclists Take To PCH To Remember Fallen Riders

Posted by: on July, 21 2014

LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Cyclists took to Pacific Coast Highway on Sunday morning for a ride to remember two of their friends who died in the past year in crashes with motor vehicles on the busy beach route. Sunday’s ride was in memory of John Colvin, who was struck by a car last month while […]

Winners of FREE race entries: July Drawing

Posted by: on July, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the July drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries every two weeks.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each […]

Reserve Police Officer Placed On Leave After Making Video About Running Over Cyclists

Posted by: on July, 20 2014

According to BikinginLA.com there have been 54 cyclists killed this year in Southern California. (1/1/14-7/19/14) A reserve officer with the Santa Paula Police Department who made a YouTube video joking about running over bicyclists apologized Saturday, saying in a Facebook posting that the footage was satirical. I would like to apologize to all those who […]

Fueling Your Brain For Running

Posted by: on July, 16 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Perform better by taking stuff that makes running feel easier. If you run at any given pace long enough, you will eventually get tired and slow down. Start running at 50 percent of your maximum sprint speed and you might last a few hours, assuming you’re fit. […]

Should You Race Unprepared?

Posted by: on July, 15 2014

Found on Triathlete.com and written by Chris Carmichael We all try to be optimally prepared for race days, but sometimes athletes, especially time-crunched ones, get derailed and lose valuable training time because the kids get sick, work gets out of control and life otherwise gets in the way. Or athletes choose to jump into races […]

VIDEO: Ride In The Pack At The Tour de France

Posted by: on July, 11 2014

CRAZY footage from Team Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda inside the Tour de France! You gotta see this video! Post by Team Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda.