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Break Out Of Your Running Slump

Posted by: on March, 12 2012

From our friends at Asics: You’ve probably leaned on friends when your running motivation was lackluster, but what happens when your buddy is the one who needs a boost? Here are some ways you can help a running partner get their mojo back so that the two of you can continue pounding the pavement together.

Team up for a race. Maybe your running partner is tired of running marathons or half marathons, so look for a shorter race that’s known for its fun atmosphere and post-race party. Suggest that you run the race for fun, in case your friend is burned out on competition. Or do a destination race together, so that your friend can focus on a fun getaway rather than just the race.

Rework your route. If you and your friend always run the same roads together, map out a new course or suggest a running trail to try. Even if the destination involves a bit of travel, the trip will be worth it because the change of scenery will re-energize you both.

Go shopping. A little retail therapy never hurts, and it may be just enough to help your friend overcome a slump. Even if your friend’s busy schedule doesn’t provide time to go shopping together, you could always buy a pair of running socks or other inexpensive piece of gear to perk up your companion’s spirits.

Share your experiences. Hearing about how you’ve gone through periods when you didn’t feel like running will help your friend realize that it’s completely normal. Let your buddy know what you did to get past them.

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