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Back in the Saddle

Posted by: on February, 7 2012

Breaks are healthy.But sometimes breaks become ruts, and we become stuck in them.Even the most dedicated triathlete takes the occasional hiatus from working out. (Hey, Chrissy Wellington is taking a year off from Ironman!)Many are fortunate enough to have winter sports that hold their interest, such as cross-country skiing. The rest of us just haven’t found anything we enjoy quite as much as swimming, biking and running.And so, when our big race of the year is over, and even the footraces of fall have drawn to a close, we either toil indoors or we succumb to the natural forces of hibernation and holidays.We sleep in.We sit around.And we eat.I myself made it through almost two years without losing much fitness. I spent a year training for a September iron distance race. My husband and I then decided the following spring would be a great year to try American Triple-T Ohio, which is a series of four triathlons over three days in May, culminating in a half-iron race in the brutal hills of Shawnee State Park [….] (Continue Reading)