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Training For A Half v.s Full Marathon

Posted by: on March, 21 2012

Here’s a question from Nike Running: What are the differences between sound marathon training and half-marathon training? One obvious answer is race pace work and the simple fact that to run to your potential over the half-marathon distance you need to run that pace (or faster) every seven to ten days. But the biggest difference, […]

Fartlek Workouts

Posted by: on March, 9 2012

By Coach Jay, Nike Running:  I’ve had some email exchanges recently and this issue has come up: what exactly is a fartlek workout and why is it so hard to execute? Before we go into detail, let me reassure you that fartlek workouts are a must in any serious training program. You teach your body […]

Half Marathon Training

Posted by: on March, 3 2012

Hello there Coach, I just signed up for a half marathon end of March (10 weeks to go). This race is a trail run and a steady climb gaining about 900 ft in altitude. Do you have any specific training programs or tips to prepare for this race based on it being on trails and […]

Getting Your Legs Ready

Posted by: on March, 3 2012

Make Sure Your Legs Are Ready by Coach Jay, Nike Sports The first race of the year for most people is shorter than their goal race. For instance, if you’re one of the people who has the Chicago Marathon as your goal race of the year, you might have the 8k (just shy of 5 […]

Taking Days Off

Posted by: on February, 22 2012

Coach Jay, Nike RunningMy question is: What are the benefits of taking a full day off a week compared to just having one easy day a week?  Thanks for the question—definitely one that all runners, from professionals to high school athletes to adult recreational runners, should be thinking about. Before we go into the specifics […]

Returning From Injury

Posted by: on January, 27 2012

Hi Coach, I have been training with Nike+ since August, and two weeks ago I ran my first half marathon. On Tuesday, I went running and got injured. The doctor said that I hadn’t warmed up properly and that had caused a hamstring strain. He prescribed some medication and suggested that I get some rest. […]

Three Lessons From the 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Posted by: on January, 18 2012

First, with the temperature in the 30s at the start of the race, most of the runners started with gloves, hats, or arm warmers on. Hats, gloves, and arm warmers allow athletes who are wearing shorts and singlets to run comfortably throughout the marathon as the temperature rises. When running a fall marathon with an […]

Quad and Hip Fatigue

Posted by: on January, 12 2012

Hi Coach, Question: The past two marathons have given me the same problem. Quads/hips become so fatigued that I can barely move. The really confusing thing is that this tiredness comes early on—I’ll start to notice the fatigue as early as mile 10. When I’ve run half marathons at a much faster pace, I haven’t […]

Spring Marathon & Tempo vs. Threshold Training

Posted by: on January, 10 2012

Coach Jay, Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge and resources. I have 2 questions: I am about to embark on a build up for a spring marathon.I understand that 80-90% of my mileage should be easy miles focusing on “time on feet,” and aerobic capacity. However, should I be throwing in a faster paced run […]