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Posted by: on December, 15 2011

Thank You for your interest in advertising your race or product on RaceGrader.com.  We value your support and look forward to explaining why aligning with RaceGrader for promotion is the right choice.

 RACEGRADER.COM:  Our database of over 700 Southern California races is the most reliable and easy-to-use site for those looking to find their next race.  It also provides our community the opportunity to find valuable information about races through authentic reviews written by past participants.

DEMOGRAPHIC:  RaceGrader is a target-specific community of people you are trying to reach:  Endurance Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts in Southern California.  These are the people that are registering for races, buying the latest running gear, concerned with their nutrition, and trying to become more fit.

Through our website we have various packages of advertising to choose from:

  1. Featured Race:  Your race will be placed as a “featured race” on our site.  This includes a  display placement on the home page 25% of the time.  The other 75% of the time you will have placement on the sidebar of all interior pages.  You also get placed at the top of the list on the results page in our race calendar.
  2. Display Ad:  Interior page 250 x 210.  They are available exclusively or in rotation.
  3. Email Blast:  We send out email blasts 4 – 5 times a month.  Your race or product can be featured in the email.  SAMPLE EMAIL BLAST .  We also offer “exclusive email blasts” for you race.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  We are VERY active on Facebook and Twitter.  Our mind-set is to take an all-inclusive approach to ensure the newbie, mid pack age-grouper, and seasoned vet all feel comfortable joining in on the discussion.  All of our advertising packages above include your race or product being promoted to our community on a regular basis.

The use of social media gives you a significant advantage over using just traditional place ads by:

  • Reach.  Your information can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter by a member of our community hitting the “like” or “share” button.  Or “re-tweeting” the message on Twitter.
  • Flexibility.  You can tell us of a certain discount or sale you may want to promote for a certain period of time.
  • Legitimacy.  Our posts on Facebook and Twitter come across as information being provided and not just another advertisement.

RaceGrader has the ability to help create a “buzz” for your race or product. We have many options to choose from to meet your advertising needs. For more information and pricing, please contact Rob Peterson at RaceGrader@gmail.com.