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About Us

Posted by: on December, 15 2011

Hours and hours spent in front of the computer. That is what ultimately inspired the creation of RaceGrader. There was a lack of useful information available regarding races in Southern California. What are the most difficult parts of the course? Where is the best place to park before the event? Is there a good spot to meet family and friends after the race? There is already enough anxiety on race day to have to worry about that stuff.

There was also a need for an events calendar that was comprehensive and specific to Southern California. The “big” sites only post races in which they are affiliated. Other sites are too broad in scope and try to list every race in the Country.

Thus, www.RaceGrader was born. We set out to develop a site with three simple ideas in mind:

  1. Have the most complete and easy-to-navigate race calendar for events in Southern California. Our research has found nearly 700 races from San Diego to Santa Barbara. We also have included a handful of “destination” races that may appeal to you and your family.
  2. Provide a platform for race participants to write authentic reviews about their experience. Through these reviews, fellow competitors can be better prepared for their next event.
  3. Develop a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts in Southern California. Initiate an open exchange of ideas through our discussion forum and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

We believe in the Southern California endurance-athlete community. As racers, we share a common bond. We get inspired when we get a nod from a runner heading the opposite direction, or a biker stopping to help another fix a flat, a triathlete sharing some GU with someone ready to “bonk”. These are the things that make our community special.

RaceGrader was developed to meet the needs of the Southern California endurance athlete. No matter if you are an IM Triathlete, age-grouper, or planning on running your first 5K, we want you to be part of our community.

Keep Racing!

Rob Peterson
President, RaceGrader