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7 Types Of “Fashionable” Runners You Always See

Posted by: on August, 19 2015

Found on WomensRunning.com and written by Alison Barsalona

In the world of running, it doesn’t matter what you look like. How hard you train, the personal records you break—those are the things that count. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t all have a bit of personal panache when we’re out getting our miles in. A lot of runners fall into one of a few categories when it comes to our sartorial style; do you see yourself in any of these fashion plates?fashion runner

The matchy-matcher
This runner’s look is head-to-toe coordinated perfection. She looks like she jumped off the page of your favorite catalog, with her leggings that go with her sports bra that matches her shoelaces. Watching her makes you wonder if there’s such a thing as a sports stylist and if there is, you want her number.

The college sweats hoarder
She graduated from college five (or fifteen) years ago, but you’d think she was still heading to the pep rally after her run. This runner spent four years cultivating a full wardrobe emblazoned with her alma mater’s logo, and she’s going to wear her school’s colors on every run, holes in the armpits be damned. Go team!

The whatever’s clean queen
This girl’s got a super-swamped life and sometimes laundry falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Luckily she’s just as easygoing as she is busy and is happy to run in anything that passes the sniff test. She may sometimes look a little Rainbow Brite in a tie-dyed shirt and bright shorts she found in the back of her drawer, but all she cares about is that she’s fitting her workout into her crazy day. Besides, neon is totally in now, right?

The race shirt collector
She’s trained hard, run lots of races, and has the wardrobe to prove it.  This runner never leaves a race without taking home a T-shirt to mark the occasion and wears them proudly while she trains.  She has a shirt for every day of the week; last year’s turkey trot, her first half marathon, a big charity race—you name the race, she’s got a shirt for it. All she needs now is one from the race for the cure for collecting too many race shirts…

The minimalist
This runner was made for summer. She prefers to rock short shorts or just a sports bra on her runs; as long as she’s got a place to put her keys, she’s good to go. She’s not showing off, she’s just a serious runner who doesn’t like anything to get between her and the wind on her skin as she sprints. Not to mention it helps keep her cool on those sweltering summer runs (although it sure does make for some interesting tan lines).

The layering lady
Winter’s answer to the minimalist, this runner has mastered the art of striding in the coldest months. From her moisture-wicking and compression base layer to her wind-and-water-resistant outerwear, she can easily run 5 miles when it feels like five below while somehow avoiding the dreaded Michelin man look. Her cold-weather mileage is almost as impressive as her ability to wear just enough layers to stay warm without wearing so many layers she gets too sweaty. Hot stuff.

The MacGyver
Somehow this runner is always missing a piece of the puzzle. Whether she forgets to bring something to the gym or decides to go for an impromptu run after work, she’s always short one key item. But she’s nothing if not determined and always manages to piece together an outfit with whatever is on hand. No shorts? No problem, her boyfriend’s basketball bottoms will work just fine with the drawstring cinched and the waistband rolled over. Sports bras all dirty? Doubling up on tank tops with built-in bras will work just fine.  She’s even been known to slap a piece of duct tape on an old sneaker to get her through a run. She may get a few raised eyebrows but she doesn’t care. This runner gets her workout in no matter what. Mission accomplished.