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20 Great Reasons To Do A Triathlon

Posted by: on July, 8 2014

Found on FitnessRepublic.com

Eric Harr from Triathlon Training fame and seasoned triathlete Joel Runyan, give us their 20 reasons to do a triathlon!

Tackling swimming, running and cycling all in one event seems like quite a daunting task doesn’t it? For many, this challenge in itself is one of the prime reasons to do a triathlon. Think about it, why shouldn’t a race as challenging and exciting as a triathlon make it to your To-Do list? You’ll have to invest a fair share of time in training and shaping up, but the experience will surely make it to your collection of memorable moments.

1. Tri-athlete Mode On, Excess Weight Off

All that training will payoff surely and what better reward than a lower reading on the weighing scale. Weight loss will be a natural consequence of your rigorous cross-training program. All you need is passion for your decision to participate in a triathlon. This reason to do a triathlon alone will ensure that you give every training session your best shot. The greater the effort, the more fat you will burn.tri swim

2. For The Love of New Experiences

This one is for all those who relish the opportunity to jump into new experiences. Participating in a triathlon is a good place to start, especially if you have never attended a fitness based event. Add this reason to do a triathlon to your list if you fit the description.

3. It Never Gets Boring

This isn’t a marathon, it’s a triathlon! That means you don’t have to stick to just one physical activity throughout the course of the event. Before you can think, ‘Haven’t we all been cycling for far too long?’ you’ll find yourself making the switch to swimming or running soon enough.

4. Test Yourself

Do you want to challenge your physical fitness, endurance and mental strength? Looks like this reason to do a triathlon is just the one for you! Triathlons, and the training period prior to the big day both serve as holistic tests of your mental and physical strength. This race will allow you to gauge exactly where you stand on the fitness scale.

5. Did Someone Say Group Fitness?

To be part of a group activity with like-minded people is a powerful motivation. It’s truly a great feeling to know that just like you, dozens of people have gathered together to put their personal fitness to the test. Immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy being a part of this ambitious group of people.

6. The Fountain of Youth

You might not find the elixir of life at the finish line but you  will surely experience a powerful surge of youthful energy. Not only will you look re-energized and youthful, but you will also feel young and fresh.

7. A Straightforward Cure for Sluggishness

Lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet makes us lethargic and tired. When you start training for the triathlon you will notice an immediate reconnection with your body. This reason to do a triathlon will direct you towards an active body and a fresh mind!

8. Cutting Down On Injuries, One Session At A Time

When you train for one particular sport, you end up overworking certain parts of your body. This increases the risk of injuries because the physical stress on your body is unevenly distributed. One of the best things about cross-training for a triathlon is that the all the parts of the body are treated to uniform amounts of physical stress. This reduces the risk of injuries since no body part suffers from excessive attention.

9. Boost Your Physical Health

The American College of Sports Medicine states that regular exercise is a great way to improve your overall health. Looking for ways to improve cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes or reduce the risk of osteoporosis? Triathlon training exercises are equipped to combat these problems and improve your physical well-being.

10. How About Some Happy Hormones?

According to experts at Mayo Clinic, exercise releases feel-good hormones called endorphins. These hormones are powerful little agents that suppress the stress hormone cortisol. Not only will you feel fresh and upbeat after every training session, but you will also reduce your chances of falling prey to depression.

11. Live Longer!

Exercise does a wealth of good for your mental and physical health. It reduces the risk of diseases and illnesses, and adds vitality to your life. All of these benefits act as strong factors in promoting a healthy, happy and long life.

12. A New Avenue For Socializing

This reason to do a triathlon is for all those who love meeting new people and forming new connections. You are bound to meet fellow aspiring tri-athletes at the pool, on the running circuit or on the biking track. Who knows, you might just be competing against them in the same up-coming triathlon.

13. Build Your Self-Confidence

A bad day or a careless mistake can shake our self-esteem and leave us in a state of insecurity about our own abilities. The training period and actual triathlon event are both excellent ways to strengthen your self-image. Who would have guessed that you have what it takes to swim, run and cycle during a single event? Triathlons encourage you to be the best you can be, for your own sake!

14. Greater Self-Awareness

We often assume that we are either well equipped or under equipped to tackle a challenging task. This assumption is usually not based on actual experiences. It is simply a judgment that we make about our skills and abilities. Training for a triathlon and actually participating in one will help you to understand your true strengths and weaknesses. It will serve as an eye-opener in many aspects, and will give you a better insight about yourself.

15. It’s a Stress Buster!

Daily stress causes the greatest wear and tear on your nerves. There is no escape from stress, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be effectively dealt with. A triathlon teaches you to develop composure and calmness even if the pressure in your surrounding environment is at an all time high. The training, focus and physical challenge of participating in a triathlon equips you with mental resilience.

16. A Craving For Health

Now this reason to do a triathlon is a real winner! Regular exercise coupled with a step in the direction of healthy foods is all you need to stop those sugar cravings. As your body moves to a healthier state, it automatically triggers cravings for healthy, nutrient rich foods as opposed to heavily processed products.

17. Regular Exercise? No Problem!

Have you ever started an exercise program only to leave it halfway down the line? The whole triathlon experience will reduce the likelihood of that happening ever again. Once you get used to feeling great about your improved physical fitness and mental health, you will make a conscious effort to maintain it.

18. A Feather In Your Cap

If you’re planning to compete in a triathlon, go ahead and flaunt it! It sure is something to be proud of. Don’t be shy this is your moment to shine! And who knows, you might just recruit some like-minded friends to participate in the triathlon with you.

19. Be a Source of Motivation

Once you muster up your courage and take the first step, others will look towards you for inspiration and motivation. This reason to do a triathlon will not only benefit those around you, but will also help you realize what you can do for others.

20. One Positive Thing Leads to Another

This is about finding positive aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. You will be faced with fear, uncertainty, fatigue and a whole host of other challenges. A triathlon can teach you just how strong, capable and powerful you really are, if only you give yourself the chance to prove it.

You might connect with anyone or more of the 20 reasons to do a triathlon but whatever your reasons may be, keep in mind that your passion and dedication will help you tremendously throughout the experience. As always, your health should be the top  priority on the list.

Be sure to consult your doctor before registering for the next triathlon!