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10 Reasons To Thank A Veteran

Posted by: on November, 11 2013

Today, we celebrate Veterans Day, a national holiday to pay tribute to our military personnel serving or who have served in armed conflicts.
We compiled a top ten list of why we should thank our brave men and woman who serve:

  1. Because you can vote.
  2. Because elections aren’t fixed.
  3. Because you can disagree with your elected leaders without fear of being arrested (freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition.).
  4. Because you have the right to worship or not to (freedom of religion).
  5. Because all boys and girls can attend school and get a public education.
  6. Because you can travel from sea to shining sea in America without a passport.
  7. Because you have the freedom to leave the country and come back.
  8. Because you have the right to dream big and pursue those dreams.
  9. Because your potential depends on how hard and how smart you work.
  10. What else?

Our freedoms are greater than any place in the world, but they came with a cost. Freedom is never free.

Thank you to all who currently serve and who have served. We left #10 for you.

What else do you think belongs on this list?