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Quest For Kona

Posted by: on September, 20 2017

IRONMAN’s new reality TV show Quest for Kona debuts on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) on October 4, 2017. It will also be available on Redbull.com and SuperSport TV (check your local listings for details).

Runner Dubbed “The Mad Pooper” Wanted For Defecating In Yards

Posted by: on September, 20 2017

he Colorado Springs family has spent weeks trying to get a mystery woman they’ve dubbed “The Mad Pooper” to stop defecating in their neighborhood, right outside their house.

What Happened at the Mexico City Marathon?

Posted by: on September, 18 2017

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Andrew Dawson Every race has its problems. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes a course error causes runners to go the wrong way, or a train causes delays. More and more often, races have to deal with runners attempting to cheat. But the Mexico City Marathon, held August 27, had problems on […]

Wildflower is back! With new owners and big plans.

Posted by: on September, 12 2017

Found on Triathlete.com and written by Erin Beresini Now a part of Motiv Running’s family of events, the iconic triathlon festival will return in 2018. If you never experienced Wildflower, what you need to know is this: The event exuded the heart and soul of the sport. With no hotels for miles, thousands of triathletes […]

How To Lose Weight While Training

Posted by: on August, 3 2017

Found on Triathlete.com Q: When training for a race, your goal should not be solely weight loss. You need the right balance of nutrients to fuel your workouts without compromising performance. So drop no more than 1 percent of total body weight per week to preserve lean mass and performance—and don’t get discouraged if the […]

A Poor Diet Will Affect Performance – Even If You Look “Fit”

Posted by: on August, 3 2017

Found on Triathlete.com  How does a poor diet affect performance if it doesn’t make me gain weight? A: A daily diet of pizza, cookies and Ben & Jerry’s (read: processed foods high in sugar and trans fat and low in fiber) affects more than your waistline—your lung capacity and immune system may suffer even if […]

The Great Leg Shave Debate

Posted by: on August, 2 2017

Found on Triathlete.com and written by Holly Bennett Is less really more when it comes to men’s leg hair, or is shaving merely a vanity ploy borrowed from cycling? We checked in with a proponent on either side of the leg-shaving debate to better understand both the nude and au naturel stance. Grin and bare […]

5 Ways You Can Eat Healthy On The Cheap

Posted by: on August, 2 2017

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Pamela Nisevich Bede Just because you’re crunched for money doesn’t mean you can’t eat well.  Follow these tips to fuel your body and not break the bank. Embrace Meal Prep Plan a week’s worth of meals on Sunday—whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, some, or all three. Planning and prepping […]

NYC Marathon Giving Away 95 Free Entries

Posted by: on August, 2 2017

Found on Competitor.com and written by Meghan Roos The official sponsor of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon, Michelob ULTRA, announced today that it will grant 95 athletes the opportunity to compete in this year’s marathon free of charge. Participation for the NYC Marathon is very competitive: most runners needed to meet the race’s […]

13 Tips For The Aging Runner

Posted by: on August, 1 2017

Found on Competitor.com and written by Gail Hughes A wealth of documentation proves that running well into Grand Masters age categories brings far more benefits to the body than risks, particularly since the reality of degeneration is inevitable. Running can delay and reduce many of the impacts of aging in exponential measure. A Stanford University study […]