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VIDEO: Swim It Safety Device

Posted by: on March, 31 2015

This 4 minute video discusses the beginning of the Swim IT, the USAT Approval process, and the Peace of Mind that one World Class Ultra Running Champion needed to finish her first Ironman! Open water swim safety and racing, IT’s what we do.

11 Tasty Ways To Up Your Magnesium

Posted by: on March, 31 2015

Found on Ironman.com and written by Claudine Arndt You’re hard on your body. Help it stay in tip-top shape by getting enough of this much-needed mineral. Magnesium plays a significant role in our detoxification processes, preventing possible damage to your body and brain from environmental toxins and heavy metals. If you follow current health news […]

10 Things I Learned When Injured

Posted by: on March, 31 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Catherine Durkin Robinson This is what I learned while waiting for my body, and psyche, to heal. An avid runner for two years now, I’ve been told since the beginning to “run smart.” It’s like a mantra of sorts. And, like any mantra, sometimes it’s easier to say it […]

VIDEO: Officer Helps Runner To Finish Line

Posted by: on March, 24 2015

t’s the photo that’s gone viral on the WILX Facebook page this morning. With more than one million, more than 162,000 shares, and 27,000 comments, *this* is the photo America is talking about. A Louisville police officer helping a woman running her first 10-k, across the finish line. Photographer Jonathan Roberts captured the moment. As […]

Do Men And Women Get The Same Running Injuries?

Posted by: on March, 11 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Alex Hutchinson Conventional wisdom is that the male-female divide in running injuries is all about the “Q angle”–the angle that the upper half of your leg makes with vertical. Women tend to have a bigger Q angle than men thanks to their wider hips, and in theory this places […]

LA Marathon Breaking News

Posted by: on March, 11 2015

Found on LA Marathon website. Weather Warning Stay up-to-date with news and information surrounding the expected heat on race day and how you can prepare The current weather forecast for Sunday, March 15 th calls for record high heat. The weather conditions pose a high level of risk for marathoners and all participants should be […]

What The New Apple Watch Means For Runners

Posted by: on March, 10 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Mario Fraioli The highly anticipated device will be available for pre-order on April 10.  At the company’s “Spring Forward” event in San Francisco on Monday, Apple announced that its highly anticipated Apple Watch will be available for pre-order on April 10 and in-store purchases on April 24. The Apple Watch Sport […]

VIDEO: Dogbone Drill

Posted by: on March, 5 2015

Found on Competitor.com by Triathlete.com When done properly, Bobby McGee says this running drill is helpful for balance, coordinating the shoulders with the hips.

VIDEO: 3 Drills For A Better Running Stride

Posted by: on March, 5 2015

Found on Competitor.com by Jene Shaw

Training For Triathlons at an Older Age

Posted by: on March, 4 2015

Found on NYTIMES.com and written by Elizabeth Olson LAST year, at 66, Jenny F. Scott was not an obvious triathlete. A retired special education teacher, she had suffered a stress fracture running decades ago and took up serious bicycling only when she was 64 years old. But Ms. Scott, of West Columbia, S.C., and a […]