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5 Mental Barriers Smashed

Posted by: on October, 24 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Jennifer Van Allen Often the biggest obstacle to running has nothing to do with the legs and lungs; it’s about what’s on your mind. Here’s how to clear some common mental hurdles that can keep you from getting out the door. THE OBSTACLE: Working out hurts! GET OVER IT: Tuning out—not […]

Preparation For The Long Run

Posted by: on October, 23 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Adam Buckley Cohen If you think of your body as an engine, then a great way to add horsepower is with a good, long run–a continuous effort ranging from 90 minutes to 3.5 hours in duration, depending on your experience and race goals. By going long, you increase aerobic […]

Runner’s Come To The Rescue

Posted by: on October, 22 2014

A group of runners were out for a routine run along a paved trail Saturday morning in Greenville, South Carolina, when they heard screams coming from nearby. The screams, it turned out, were by a local woman who had been missing for more than four days and was feared dead, reports FOX Carolina. “We heard […]

VIDEO: Recovery Tips

Posted by: on October, 21 2014

The importance of recovery from Triathlete.com.

Cyclist Killed In Newport Beach

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Found on Bikinginla.com For once, the charges fit the crime. Last night, we linked to news that an Orange County bike rider had been hit by a vehicle Sunday evening. Sadly, the Newport Beach police announced this morning that the victim died later that night. According to the police report, 30-year old Fountain Valley resident Shaun Eagleson was […]

Winners of FREE race drawing: October 2015

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Winners have been announced for the September drawing.  Racegrader.com provides the Southern California race community the opportunity to win FREE race entries every two weeks.   Our site also offers the best online race calendar, authentic reviews, and exclusive discount codes.  We will be giving away tons of FREE entries on the 20th of each […]

VIDEO: How To Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Found on Triathlete.com. Prevent achilles tendon and lower leg injuries with this exercise.  

3 Ways To Beat Pre Race Nerves

Posted by: on October, 16 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Susan Paul I’m running my first marathon next week and I’m so nervous! Is there anything I can do to calm my nerves and help ensure a good race? Lydia Dear Lydia- Running your first marathon is very exciting! The most important thing for you to do now is […]

What The Pro’s Eat After The Race

Posted by: on October, 16 2014

Found on Ironman.com From burgers and fries to mai tai’s, here’s what the pros chow down on after crossing the finish line. by Marni Sumbal Triathletes are known to be driven, obsessive and competitive and, more often than not, slightly food obsessed. Because achieving perfect race-week and race-day nutrition may make the difference between a […]

Self Massage Tips For Runners

Posted by: on October, 15 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Amanda McCracken.  Photo Scott Draper. Follow those techniques to help loosen tight muscles—which will help your running. As runners, we churn miles out our legs, but how many of us make a conscious effort to ensure our muscles are prepped and cleaned up before and after throwing on those […]