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5 Tips For Road Racing Etiquette

Posted by: on April, 11 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Do you practice good manners at running events? A road race is not like a formal dinner at Buckingham Palace. There aren’t a million different rules of etiquette that you must remember to avoid embarrassing yourself and annoying others. But there are some rules of proper conduct […]

The Truth About Sugar In Sports Drinks

Posted by: on April, 10 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Believe it or not, sugar can actually be good for you. Sugars such as sucrose and fructose are the main ingredients in most sports drinks. Despite the commonness of the use of sugar in sports drinks, there is a great deal of confusion among athletes regarding the […]

Half Marathon Is Favorite Race Distance

Posted by: on April, 8 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Scott Douglas In 2013, the half marathon was once again the fastest growing standard distance among U.S. road races, according to data compiled by Running USA, an industry trade group. There were an estimated 1.96 million finishers at U.S. halfs last year, up 6% from 2012′s total, and a […]

Running Can Transform The World

Posted by: on April, 8 2014

What would the world look like if everybody ran? Mizuno is on a mission to find out.

Cyclist Killed In Huntington Beach

Posted by: on April, 8 2014

This is the 29th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the sixth in Orange County since the first of the year, three of which have been hit-and-runs. She is also the second bike rider killed in a Huntington Beach hit-and-run in the last two months, and the fifth rider to die in a […]

Inspirational Ironman Finish

Posted by: on April, 7 2014

This video is a great glimpse into the unique culture of the Ironman triathlon. The time cutoff is 17 hours (midnight). We shot this video at 8 minutes past midnight, of the last finisher crossing the line. Notice the professional male and female winners at the finish, who by tradition stay to welcome the last […]

6 Methods For Reducing Aches And Pains

Posted by: on April, 4 2014

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald Here are some tried and true suggestions on how to feel better, faster. Run training can be a pain in the neck. But more often, it’s a pain in the knee, or the hip, or the foot. The most common type of pain associated with endurance training […]

New Running Concept From Google Glasses And Nike

Posted by: on April, 4 2014

New running concept from Google Glasses and Nike Running.  It’s like a video game.   Nike+ Game Vision – Future Running with Google Glass from Hannah Liffler on Vimeo.

Boston Marathon Commercial

Posted by: on April, 3 2014

Local director releases #WEWILLRUN commercial dedicated to Boston Marathon

Fridge Raider: Dean Karnazes

Posted by: on April, 2 2014

Found on SI.com and written by Sarah Toland Dean Karnazes’ fridge didn’t always look like a hijacked Whole Foods warehouse. In fact, if you’d looked inside the ultrarunner’s icebox five years ago, you would have discovered a very different inventory than the wild-caught fish, organic fruits and vegetables, and natural energy bars that crowd his […]